Everyday Health Video

In February I took part in a video shoot for an Everyday Health series on psoriatic arthritis. The link is up now. I'm Sharon, and yes, they included my mention of this group.


I just saw the videos and they are fantastic ! I wondered if that was you !

Excellent. Thank you for participating. And you're looking good!

Just watched them all Stoney and they are excellent !! Thank you for participating and thank you for sharing!! <3

these are wonderful and you look so lovely!

Thank you for the link! I enjoyed the video!

Thanks all. I was pretty excited to take part.

Stoney, can you describe the exercises you do before you get out of bed? I want to start doing something like that if it will help !

MimiB- It's all stretching and getting things moving. If I don't move things before I'm weight bearing, it's a disaster, especially my feet and achilles tendons.

Sharon, how exciting! And for me, frustrating, as I won’t have internet access good enough to see videos for at least another week. (I’m on a long trip…)
I’ll be watching as soon as I can. Thanks for doing your bit to help others in this way.