Sue (SK) isn't around much right now as she is caring for her mother, but ever so often she would repost this link so we could print out several copies to have various in parts of the house. Lets remember the enemy here. I had a tough day with all the preop stuff today, so pulled it up. Even I forget. Yup I'm a mean one. How dare I interrupt anyone's self pity especially mine!!!!!!

One good place is with your meds.

Want to make the shot hurt less? Take a look at the picture. BOOM the shot doesn't hurt anymore

Oh I don't want to stretch or exercise because it hurts..... Clip a copy to your yoga mat. My favorit is on the handle bars of my treadmill right next to the speed control.

That MTX makes feel nauseated Or makes me tired up for a day Print out a copy of your med calendar using this as a back ground

Anyway you get the idea :


Just a couple to get you going:

Amen, brother. Maybe I will add an x-ray image of my mid-feet. Or my TKR and THR scars. Puts a few things into perspective.

Yes. Point taken. I see the light, good man. I’m 40 and was dx’ed 21 years ago. I want to walk down the aisle at my daughter’s wedding (she’s 7) and play with my future grandchildren. I WILL take my meds, exercise and enjoy life. Thank you for the reminder.

Yup that will keep me taking my meds. I might even make it to the pool despite the cold, and snow!