Enbrel/Humira injections without using fingers/thumbs

Odd question: the flare-ups affect my strength and mobility in my fingers/thumbs. Have just been prescribed Enbrel and am waiting for first dosage. My occupational therapist says to use my wrist (on the palm side) to depress the Sure Click but I worry that this will push the whole pen deep into my thigh.

Any advice? I can choose prefilled syringes if folks think these will be easier. I can stability a syringe or pen in my hand but lack strength to push anything. Make sense?

Enbrel toll free number was no help and doctor does not have the dummy pen at this time in her office.

I use the prefilled for Enbrel. Inserting the needle takes almost no pressure. Depressing the plunger could be done with the palm, edge of palm, or anything. My hands are not even that involved and I had loads of trouble with the auto-injector pen. But some here have said the auto-injector pen is easier for them with their hands.

The best way would be for your doc to get you a sample of each type to try before you commit to a whole month of syringes. If you can't, maybe you could have someone be a backup to get through that month's 4 injections if they type you get doesn't work well? Best wishes for finding something that works for you!

I prefer the pre-filled but, the sure-click isn't THAT bad. I would use it if I had to.

You don't have to worry about jamming the sure-click in to far. It is designed where you have to press the tip down to activate the spring loaded mechanism anyway. I think you should use the pen under your circumstances. It will keep the needle from bending and you can hit the release buttom with any part of your body that reaches it.

Thanks, guys. I've been leaning towards prefilled due to random allergies I get to preservatives and due to folks saying here that the needle hurts less. But, for my hands, I think I'll choose auto pen at least initially.