Starting Enbrel. Advice?

Went to rheumatologist today. Flare ups are not decreasing. She increased my MTX from 6 to 8 pills weekly and wanted to put me on Humira. My insurance company prefers Enbrel so we're going that route.

Any advice? I've never injected myself before but prepared to do so if it means less pain. I travel a lot. Any advice there? TSA and biologics?


I have been using the injector pen type. I had a bit of trouble at first. The person who designed this obviously didn't have PSA in their thumbs. Pressing down on the top wasn't easy at first. You should get a brochure in the pack. The key for me was to pinch up some fatty skin, I have found my belly much better than my thighs. Make sure you have it straight up. It will be the first time you wont object to having a bit of fat. Push down into the flesh, because if you don't it wont click and start. Once I got past following that instruction and the thought of injecting myself it is not too much of a problem. I take a big breath, because I know it will hurt a bit. It only last a few seconds and it is over. I do get a red itchy patch and the brochure said this will happen until my body gets use to it. Good luck with it. I do hope it works for you. I have seen a big improvement, reduced my pain meds and no stiffness in the mornings. I have only been on it for two months. Just started my third pack and into my third month.

There is a video online in Enbrel's site that shows you how to inject yourself - I'd suggest you watch it before you inject. For me, being relaxed as much as possible for injecting lessened the pain of the injection.

If you contact Enbrel, you can sign up for some sort of program (I don't remember what it's called -sorry!) and they'll send you a free travel pouch that contains a carrier for the Enbrel pens and an ice pack, and a travel sharps container.