Enbrel and Immune System / Vitamins or Supplements

Hello, I was wondering what people are using if anything to help your immune system while on Embrel? I am currently not working, but am worried when I go back into the work force I will be more subseptable to colds etc. I was looking in to Centrum for increaed Immune but was wondering what others are using. I also am stage 3 kidney failure so that adds to it it…

Thanks! Love this site!!

I take an adult multi vit but find the most imortant thing is washing my hands, keeping my hands away from my face, cold viruses can even enter through your eyes, nose, etc. I also use anti micorbial wipes and hand sanitizers, etc Sounds more OCD than it is. I just wipe areas of group bacteria with wipes a couple of times a week, like the remote, the phone, the handles on the toilet, etc. We have a teen ager in the house! Good luck avoiding those pesky germs and be careful with all herbal supplements; they can interfer with medications.

Dear Kristie,

May want to check with a Doc before adding a vitamin, on both counts.

All the immunity to diseases you have accumulated throughout your life stay with you. As a teacher and parent, I was exposed to more germs than I care to know about. (My Kindergarteners wiped their noses on my clothes when they hugged) I have been on a few of these drugs, and not gotten sick yet. I do keep away from people who travel and become sick right after. I may not be immune to those germs. Washing hands often like Michael says does not hurt. Doctors usually prescribe the extra vitamins you need, according to the medications you take. (You are in stage 3, so am I but my trouble is with the liver. The doc prescribed vitamin E) I have learned that many meds go along with a specific vitamin, and I also take a multivitamin.

Hey, do you want to strengthen your immune system, when ours is already working overtime? Gee, the meds for PsA supress the immune system. Why would I want to put more wood in the fire?

I don't think Enbrel really increases a psoriasis sufferer's risk of infection. By calming the immune system down a bit, it probably makes it more able to go after disease. The NPF just linked to an article talking about Enbrel's long term safety.

Thanks everyone this helps alot!