Smptoms of infection on biologics?

Hi everyone, just after your symptoms of infection on Biologics.

I’ve had a great run for 3 months on Enbrel, but got a nasty cold a few days ago, and I have a bit of a susceptibility to getting chest infections.

I’ve had a bit of a cough the last couple of days but nothing too major, this morning I just didnt feel right.

The today I have had the fastest nastiest flare yet in my one year of PsA - went from no pain medication (as i said, Enbrel was working well) to curled up on the floor crying, then took 10mg steroids, 30 codeine and 100 tramadol a few hours ago (progressively so I only took enough to work). It has taken the edge off but I still can’t sleep.

Enbrel injection was only 72 hours ago. Should I be thinking about heading to the hospital (it’s almost midnight here), or just grit my teeth and get on with it until I can see a doctor tomorrow?

I think I'm replying to this late, but we're the wrong people to ask. Call Enbrel and speak to a nurse. If your health-plan has nurse phone service, call them too.

Call your doctor!

I agree with Rebel mom!

My Rheumy said to take it unless running a fever.

I am about to start on Embrel. Just waiting for my pharmacy to get it in for me. My Rhuemy told me that if I get any sort of infection to stop the Embrel take the course of antibiotics and then go back on it. Check with your doctor or Rhuemy.

Thanks all for your replies. I only had a cold when I took the Enbrel last week.

The issue was more that perhaps I had a silent infection (that was being signaled by the very sudden severity of the flare, which has never happened to me) and it was night time, so I had no access to my Rhuemy.

Made it through the night and as my temperature went down within the day, my Rhuemy seems to think it was most likely viral.