Empty nest not so empty equals stress

So the holidays are here and with it kids from college. Oh, wow! I totally love them and when they are good they are very very good, but…! Don’t get me worng!! It’s just that when they come home they seem to know all my buttons to push and those of my husband and the stress levels in our house rise a lot. My husband and I argue more and I end up with more migraines and feeling like my disease is takin hold. Anyone else feeling the holiday crush? I love Chrismas, just not the stress it creates.

I’m in the same boat,my two college kids return home today & tomorrow. I’m excited to see them,I just hope this time they realize that this mama does not need to be picking up after them. My Christmas gift could be them helping out a little more!

Sigh. I just got over a crying spell. Over I can hardly remember what… I think because my daughter took a horrendous picture of me when I wasn’t looking and showed it to me - laughing. Thanks… Yesterday I deleted my Facebook because she got furious over something I posted. She just recently reactivated her FB. Until then I could interact with my friends as I wished and it was great. Now- she is all on guard. Then she got on a thing today were she was bound and determined to plan a Christmas trip for us all… Sigh. This is what I mean. My other daughter was supposed to graduated today from University of South Carolina but she is so carefree she didn’t think walking was a big deal. =. I think too many females is our problem. Maybe my husband is the one we should all feel sorry for…

I remember coming home from college and my siblings setting me off, making me snap at my mom knowing she was "safer" to less loose on (siblings retaliate!). Hang in there!!! It's a tough age.... kids are trying to separate from their family of origin and create their own lives, but still need to come back home like a toddler touching base. Creates a lot of conflicting behavior and moods.

Mine comes home on Saturday for a short stay then off to the bowl game and back again. I am going to embrace him with a huge hug when he enters my door and wave very lively when he leaves to go back to school.

Rebel mom,I like your way of thinking :smiley:

Rebel Mom has got it (which Bowl BTW?)

Here the thing Moms. You job isn't over yet. They are ready to be a Man (or woman) and don't know how. Someone needs to tell them. They don't know if they are a guest, a kid or are about to be grounded and their wings clipped. Yeah, its not easy. Dads seem to work best with daughters this age and Moms with sons. (but not always and its not always possible) This phase is not only getting through the Christmas, but the next 10 years or so.....

Glad I'm past it. I'm to the sigh of relief when the grand kids leave stage>>>>>>

Haha! We are either having a great time or bitching at each other. Tonight we made the most beautiful bracelets and had a great time. I feel bad for complaining because I love having her home so much, but I think her new independence makes it a struggle for us to figure out our new roles.