Embrel & Arava work like a laxative on me

It took me a while to figure out the cause of my many trips to the loo and each day this was increasing. I thought I had a tummy bug or it was the type of food I have been eating. I have been eating plenty of salads in this hot and humid climate that we are having at Brisbane in Oz.

Then I remembered the side effects of Arava which did the same thing to me. I have been very busy coming up to Christmas and taking care of my adult son after a motor bike accident. I am angry at myself because it took me 8 days to finally realise why this was happening to me. It is slightly different than diahorea but it still causes belly aches and wanting to rush to the toilet.

Anyone else experience this? I also suspect that to some degree that either Mtx or Suphasalazine does do the same but not to the same degree. Being on all of these meds until the Embrel starts to work has probably made the problem worse. I am going to cut back on my Sulphasalazine to two instead of two twice a day.

Unfortunately I already injected myself with my second dose of Embrel, so I am not looking forward to the days ahead. It took a further two weeks for my body to get back to normal after stoping Arava. I perserved with Arava for one month. This time I will leave a message with my Rhuemy's receptionist as he is away until the second week in January.

I am so disappointed that Embrel is not going to be med that works for me. My options are close to running out. I hope there is something that will work for me.

Maybe the upside to this is that I will loose a few kilo's while everyone else gains them over the holiday season.


The Arava is well known for causing diarrhea. I was put on a lowered dose. . .Every other day instead of every day, to try and get a handle on it. It was getting to the point where I was having to either head home or find public restrooms because my stomach was so upset. And this was making me housebound for an hour or two a day. The lower dose seems to be lowering the stomach upset, while still controlling the disease ok, but not great.

Haven't taken Enbrel. . .I didn't realize it was known for stomach upset too. Good luck with it.

I'll bet the Arava is causing your troubles. I was on Enbrel for years and it didn't cause any intestinal issues, and boy am I prone to them. When I started Arava 4 months ago I immediately got the diarrhea side affect. I couldn't increase my dose from the lowest starting dose because otherwise I was in the bathroom all the time. The low dose helped me and the diarrhea was limited to one time per day, with warning. So I coped with that.

I just changed meds so am off the Arava. It lingers in the body though, probably why I'm still having the same symptoms.

I am only on the Embrel and no longer on Arava. I am also on Sulphasalazine, Mtx, Celebrex and Pandadol blood pressure medication and reflux and fish oil. I had to go off Tramadol because it made me feel so sick and I felt so bombed out. I am getting the same side effect from Embrel or it maybe it is the combination of meds. I hope it settles down soon otherwise I am not going to give myself the third injection.