Dry peeling skin and toe nails

Sheltie, Sheltie. I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. I, too, hope that your renal man can shed some light on what’s going on. When you go to see him, make sure you pack a snack and a drink! And if you can swing in, find someone to come with you to act as your advocate. If I lived nearer, I’d happily volunteer!

Actually, when I go to the renal man I won't be using ambulance transport I have decided to have a taxi instead. I had a taxi man to take me to the docs for some tests recently and he was brilliant. It will cost me quite a bit but will be worth it, but even so I will take things with me. Part of the problem is that I would need a suitcase :-) I take my ice pack foot wraps with me due to the EM side of things and they are quite heavy as well. As for having someone with me I don't think I will manage that unfortunately. The problem with not having family partly. Plus I am finding out who my real friends are as some that I thought were have turned out not to be. My next door neighbour is brilliant, but he has his own health problems e.g. he has just had a chest X-Ray and they have seen a shadow on his lung and so I wouldn't ask him even though if I did he would come. Yes, it's a long way for you to come with me.

I am not bothered about having anybody with me to see this man as I have every confidence in him and he respects that I do know things and speaks to me in a medical way, rather than treating me as if I haven't a clue what's going on. In fact the last time I saw him nearly 6 months ago he said I should have been a doctor. It certainly helps having a scientific background, plus my husband was a research chemist and one of my friends from further north worked at AstraZeneca pharmaceutical division as a research chemist.

Oh I don’t really know but maybe you have a bit of Psoriasis but not the Arthritis because you can definitely get one without the other. My sister had terrible Psoriasis but no arthritis and I am the very opposite. Do you have anything swollen or sore joints and things. Mr GP completely missed PsA because I have never ever presented with the skin condition so he just didn’t ask the question. A Rheumatologist did though