Does potassium deficiency cause RA and PSA?

I found this interesting article

My primary care doctor tested me for a potassium deficiency on Friday, I am waiting for the results tomorrow. I've been researching how a deficiency might effect my health and I was surprised that it can contribute to RA.

Has anyone else been told this and has a potassium supplement helped your PsA?

I eat a banana almost every day, they are high in potassium. I can't exactly pin point what makes a difference to me, but I do know that when I focus on eating a wide variety of fruit and vegetables in many different colours I improve. I have always believed that green leafy vegetables are good for Psoriasis so why not PsA. I cope better when I eat better, mentally and emotionally and my brain is more alert if I eat this way. My fatigue is less and I generally feel better. Foods that contain protien seem to help a little with pain. I have often wondered if there is a vitamin or a mineral or a trace element that PsA people might lack or need more of something. Vitamin D is another vitamin that we may need if we don't get at least 10 minutes of sun each day. Without research to back any of this. I stick to this wide variety and stick to what I am doing. It can not do any harm.

This isn’t really a complete study, but a listing of someone’s hypotheses. Low K+ can cause a number of issues with your muscle tissue and can cause cardiac dysthymia, but I haven’t seen any direct correlation between low K+ and RA or PsA symptoms. Some medications and medical conditions can cause mineral deficiencies which could exacerbate common inflammatory arthritis symptoms. The best thing as Bella says is to eat well and maintain a good variety in your diet.