Does anyone use a walking stick or mobility aid? When did you decide it was the right time to use one?

Hello everyone,

Your advice is needed.

I’m having problems with my knees. The joint pain is gradually getting worse and some days I don’t feel like they are strong enough for me to stand for too long (always worse first thing in the morning and last thing at night). I’m having drug treatment, but I think the disease is very active at the moment, causing some further deterioration to my general ability to function. I can’t walk for too long. When out shopping I can’t keep up with my family anymore. I have now begun to move at a snail’s pace. I have to go up and down the staircase very slowly and one step at a time. I can’t carry shopping bags anymore, I’ve had to get myself a shopping trolley (much to my teenage kids disgust). House work takes me 10 times longer. Going to work knocks me out for the entire day. I can just about cook the dinner in the evenings and then all I want to do is to get showered and to bed, so that I have the energy to cope with work the next day. On the whole I have definitely slowed down.

I have been thinking it’s time I get some form of a mobility aid, but to be honest I’m not sure if it will help and if it’s the right time. I would be interested to know if you do have a walking (mobility) aid,when did you think it was the right time to get it.

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Hi Nicole… I understand how you are feeling about everything taking longer, walking slower etc etc. Some days I seem to achieve very little.

As for mobility aids, nearly 2 years ago I had a small stroke, I was very lucky in the respect that it only affected my right side vision… not so lucky that the blind spot is just big enough for me to not be allowed to drive anymore (in a small town with no public transport that is a problem)… anyway… having to suddenly start walking a nearly 5 km round trip to the supermarket etc, and carry my shopping home I found my joints were not at all happy… I started carrying a telescopic type walking stick in my little back pack and would pull it out when I was getting sore and tired, I have found it extremely useful!!!

Late last year I was lucky enough to be given the use of a mobility scooter, something I knew I really needed but was very reluctant to give in to lol It has been a God send!!! It means I can now go to town, bring home shopping, use it between shops etc… it may only be good for fine weather but definitely has been a huge boon to my independence!!! It means less money needed for taxi’s, less need to call on family and friends for the everyday local transport too.

I suppose, if you start thinking you probably need some sort of mobility aid it is time to get it!! Don’t keep trying to force yourself beyond your current capability, and give your body all the help it needs… it does make life easier.

All the best!!

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I have a cane that I keep in my car for days that my knees or hips are very stiff. I use it mostly for something to lean on and balance if my steps are not up to snuff.

Right now, I am using it a lot. I broke my ankle last week!!

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Hello Nicole, I was diagnosed with PSA in 2015. They Started Agressive Therapy Imediately on Me. My knees are a constant worry. I don’t think knees bending backwards is natural Even if its Every other week. It still hurts reguardless,Haha. There are times I just don’t have the Energy to fight them or get through the day. I prefer to be Independant. I HATE to ask for help for anything. My Hubby bought me a Walker 4 Months Ago. I use it on a Daily Basis Everyday I am Thankful he gave me this. It makes Life So Much Easier. My advice to you… I have a Cane and Now the Walker, I NEVER use the Cane The Walker is my go to. I force Myself to Use it Even If I feel Im having a Good Day. It has Wheels n Strong Brakes. I totally Feel Safe using it. Learning to use it When I Have to go to Doctors Office. For My Safety and Taking Care of Myself needs to be My Top Priority right Now. I Wish You Luck



How are you doing?

I use a cane if I have to walk very far. My right hip an back is worst so I use cane in EFT hand. It doe provide extra support. If I exercise like take wall, I use walking poles. Many use then in hiking but they give me added support so I can walk longer. You can find them for about $20 at Walmart is sporting goods.


Sorry for all typos.

I had a stick in the house anyway when my arthritis started as I had used it when I slipped a disc a few years earlier. My arthritis came on literally overnight, and so I was using a stick very early on. I don’t use it in the house, but outside I can’t do without it - unless on a steroid kick.

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I sometimes wonder if a cane would help me. I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis about 2004. No problems until this year. Sometimes my knees are very bad, but I push on when I can. Along with having my own problem, my husband had a total knee replaced May 9th, still uses a walker. Does very little for himself. I have pretty much stopped helping him myself.

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You need to put yourself first sometimes…yes, it’d be great to take care of your husband and, in my case (and maybe yours) your kids and grandkids, too! We do what we can. If we can’t…if it’s all we can do to take care of ourselves…I know it’s hard…I’m trying to give myself and you a bit of advice here… :wink:

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I started too late. Get a walker to start. If symptoms get worse, fine a good power chair! You must stay off your feet as much as possible. Ask family for help. Keep your house clean with chores for the family. Fine a good Rhumy and take care of it now!

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