Does anybody take Enbrel twice a week?

Ever since my Enbrel dose went from twice a week to once weekly, I'm having more pain. I've had neuropathy in my feet the past few days and the middle bones of my feet are so sore. My hands and back have been stiff all day. Tomorrow morning I give my injection, and it's not any too soon.

I'm a little worried Enbrel won't keep working because it worked so well for 3 months and now I'm having those old familiar pains. :-( I've been avoiding pain pills except at bedtime, and then it's just a couple aspirins and a Tylenol pm. Don't get me wrong, the pain--I should say PsA symptoms--are nowhere near what they were 4 months ago.

My daughter who works for my dermy told me she thinks I might qualify for Enbrel two times/week for up to a year. I thought it was just for the first 3 months. I guess if that's a common dosage, I'd be willing to double the dose. The thought of being so sick again is unthinkable, actually!

Do those of you who are doing really well on a biologic typically have breakthrough pain in the days leading up to your injection?

I wonder if that's why you had such a quick response. I have never taken Enbrel twice a week, as I don't have the skin symptoms. Yes, for the first few months or so I had breakthrough pain by the end of the week. But as I used Enbrel longer, it got better. Right now I'm having a different issue, as I think it needs to build back up again after being off for a few weeks due to minor surgery.

For the first six months or so, I felt as if the Enbrel were “fading” in the middle of the week. By injection day, it was almost as if I was craving the stuff. (Sounds dumb, but that’s the way I felt.) Gradually, I seemed to get consistent response all week.
Except for the double dosing for the first bit in the case of skin disease, I don’t believe that Enbrel is given in doses higher than 50mg per week.

Good to hear. I agree that my good results were from double dosing, and maybe now my body is going to have to get used to only getting it once a week. I hope I'm not one of the 30% that stops responding to it. Seenie, I'm the same--I so look forward to that shot! Haha lololol remember what a chicken I was to go on a biologic 4 months ago?!!