It's hard to know, is Enbrel losing its effectiveness?

Things have been different lately--I'd say for at least a month. Maybe I'm worrying too much, but it seems like the flares are coming more and more frequently. My back is tight when I get up from sitting and I'm having some bad pain that comes and goes in my hands and feet that was nearly completely nonexistent for the first 3 months I was on Enbrel.

My psoriasis is still down to a few light patches on my legs, but last night I got a weird itchy episode on my right leg and some psoriasis "bumps" appeared, which I was compelled to scratch and scratch. My scalp is itchy this morning and I'm going to use MG217 shampoo today--I've only used it one other time since I quit using it about a month after starting Enbrel.

I have to say, on the positive side, there is virtually no fatigue and tons more energy than I had prior to starting Enbrel. Oh, and I don't have that down and dreary feeling. Sometimes I think after my back went out, it took a huge toll on my overall health and caused this. My neck never really stops hurting, which isn't helping matters, either. The pain isn't horrible, but it's nagging and causes weird headaches. Thursday the PT used traction on it, which really didn't change anything. She warned me that my neck might hurt more for a day or two, but luckily it didn't--it just pretty much stayed the same.

We're gonna start MedX and other strengthening exercises in the gym where I go for PT. I won't let anyone touch my lower back for now. Maybe all that will help reduce the pain I'm having. Crossing my fingers! Thanks for the opportunities to complain and express my worries. It's nice when people understand what you're going through! (I know my problems are minor compared to a lot of people with PsA.)

I’ve been having the same question re Enbrel. But you’ve only been on it a few months and it may not be fully up to speed still.

I started it in February, so it’s been one months now. I had to stop for a few weeks two months ago and I’m still not back to where I was before I stopped, but for now I’mjust back on an NSAID and dealing with it.

Here’s to hoping that the meds are working just fine!

Hi Stoney. Thanks, I am hoping Enbrel is still not up to its full effectiveness for me. But going from 2 injections/week to 1/week probably is making a difference, too.

You had another hand surgery, right? I know you had a previous discussion about that and I asked some questions because the joint at the base of my left thumb is very enlarged. Thankfully it's not AS painful as it was last year. My rheumy had told me I have a combination of osteo and PsA. I would be afraid of surgery just for having to go off Enbrel.

I hope you feel better, too. I wish there were more certainties with the meds. I guess nothing's a sure cure! Take care!

Thanks, Sybil. (There was much excitement in my life a week ago. It's times like that we must ignore the aches and pains and enjoy the moment.)

We'll never be totally healthy, even with biologics fighting our PsA. As much as we'd like to live a "normal" existence , some damage is done and flares can break through. Yes, fussy bodies we have! I used to be sooooooo tough!!

I have to keep in mind how many ways I feel better! Like, for instance, a few months back I could barely tolerate carrying my purse and shopping for more than a few minutes. Now I don't even notice the weight of my shoulder bag! There are all kinds of good subtle changes I need to appreciate. It's just that feeling perfect again would be nice.

I hope your fussy body feels better soon--and that the day at the beach was worth it! Haha!

Running!? Upload it, please! Sounds very interesting! Makes me want to go to the beach so bad! MN is the land of 10,000 lakes, but the beach I like is anywhere around Clearwater, Florida. Love it!