Do t wanna jinx it but could I be in remission

Ok so I checked my calendar as I’ve had the flu and was thinking of postponing my humira - only to find I’d missed a dose! Normally I’m aching and groaning 3/4 days before the next jab is due! So I had a gap of 3 weeks and also missed a week of methotrexate. I have absolutely no aches or pain or swelling. I read up a little and it said do not stop your meds but try a reduction so cut mtx from 25 to 20 (rheumy told me to try this 4 months ago but after a week I was in so much pain I was back to the 25).
What I’m wondering is how do you know if you’re in remission and is there ever a point where you test it by coming off the meds? Or do we have to stay on them for life? Any ideas?


Keeping my fingers… well, claws at the moment, but still, keeping them as crossed as I can for you that that turns out to be the case!

I really hope so too for you! My reumathologist kept wanting me to stop taking the meds when I was doing OK… so I guess it’s something that you can do…

I’ve read people saying they have been off meds for years before another flare up and going back on them and then of again after it got better…

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Partly because I was doing so well, I accidentally was a week late for my Humira in early December, then in late December, and again late January. The last week (just when I was thinking remission…). OUCH!!!

I’ve just taken a few “sandwich” Humira, and an even keel appears to be returning. My only suggestion is that if you are going to reduce the Humira, do it cautiously.

MTX never did much for me - once the Humira was working I reduced it (to zero) and never really noticed, but it depends on how effective it is for you.


Thanks dilorenzo - honestly I never thought I’d be pain free as my psa seemed very stubborn, so will just try to focus on enjoying being well for now! Sorry you’re still feeling creaky - it’s a long journey …

Cynthia - did you ever stop the meds? Are you still well now?

Jen75 - oh dear! I suspect that’d happen to me too! The mtx has always helped me some - maybe 40%. And then when we added the humira another 40%. I’m d of not thinking of reducing humira anytime soon. In fact rheumy did say that humira keeps gaining effectiveness for a year after first dose - think I’ve just got up to a

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Nope never dared… but that was mostly because it was slowly getting worse without me consciencly knowing it… I’m not good now… I’m off MTX but on Arava for the moment don’t feel like it’s doing anything yet though…

Well I’ll keep everything crossed that it starts to help you soon - it’s so depressing waiting for something to kick in …

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