Do any of you experience restlessness in your hands? or anywhere else?

One of the most annoying things I feel every now and then is this weird restless feeling in my hands. Its hard to explain but I will try in hopes that some of you can relate. My PsA affects my fingers a lot and sometimes along with the usual pain I get this weird feeling, almost tension like, that i need to stretch and flex my hands to make feel better. Sometimes I use a stress ball and that helps but sometimes its so bad i lieterally want to slam my hand on something. Does anyone else feel something like this or am i just a weirdo? Not trying to go down the “i have it too but worse” route like lamb warned haha but the “normal” people i explain it to look at me like im nuts so im just wondering if its one of those PsA things.

PLEASE put the stress ball away until cleared by a PT or OT familiar with PsA....

Generally squeezing a ball is the VERY WORST thing you can do (not for everyone of course) and could be a real contributor to yout problems...

But to answer your question, yes, were it not for my concoction from a formulating pharmacist, I would really have limitiesd use at times....

Understand, we don't have "arthritis" in the normal sense such as osteo arthritis or even some forms of RA so consequently we get some bonus things... One of which is Enthesitis is inflammation of the entheses, the sites where tendons or ligaments insert into the bone. Some exercise (such as stress balls which may be good for "arthritis" will aggravate enthesitis. That why it is so CRITICAL that out PTs and OTs clearly understand the PsA is different than "arthritis"

I wish our disease had a differnt name. (Actually I never use it) I'm tired of "Oh yeah I have some "arthritis" in my Pinky and it makes it so hard to properly hold my tea cup" I could scream. (Back when I was dating my wife, the first meal I had at her house, he mom used the "good China" and I got my finger stuck in one of the Tea cups and cracked the thing getting it out. a n act 43 years later I haven't lived down despite buying them a nice set of coffee mugs at the time. I didn't know you werent't supposed to stick your finger IN the handle)

It doesn't mean the ball isn't good for you, just means for some your PT/POT is likely to wack you up the side of the head if you do (mine has) I was taken off the golf course for almost a year and had to take lessons before I could play again (according to the Neuro and Ortho I play with I NEVER could swing.... My little rheumy (she's about 15) told me if I didn't behave she'd tell my wife I couldn't tailgate this year for fear I might corn hole too much......


Hello :slight_smile:

I actually experienced the restless feeling in my hands and body before I was diagnosed with PsA. I thought I was just strange because I would have this incredible needed to stretch my hands and my body further than I really could and if the feeling didn’t go away I felt like crying sometimes, or hitting something. I have never thought to connect those feelings with my PsA, until now.

My other comment/question is about the difference between PsA and arthritis. Because I am recently diagnosed and I tok have people kind of look at me like I am a huge baby when I talk about my symptoms and say that I have arthritis. I also get the, oh ya I know a lot of people who have arthritis, can’t you just take a warm bath and some Advil? :confused: I wish!

i dont use the stress ball all the time, ive actually only done it a few but it is a good suggestion to check in with a provider. definitely dont want to cause more harm. thanks for the tip!
and thank you to everyone else for replying :slight_smile: hello Lena!