Palm pain?


Here's a new symptom that I'd like to hear from others on. My PSA pain is under control but now I am having tightening in the palm of my hand that radiates to the finger tips. It's as if there are strings from the middle of my palm to the fingertips and someone is twisting and tightening each. I stretch my hand and use ice (heat hurts). Feels more like nerves than joints. Same sensation in feet with worse pain in big toes. Was thinking plantar fascitis but can that also involve the hands? Pain med only moderately helpful. Was also thinking Dupuytren's Contracture...

Also hand weakness.

See my rheum in a few weeks and will ask there but any ideas are appreciated now so I can know if ice/heat/other would help.


It seems like the tendons. I have tightening in the top of my feet, and sometimes it feels like the tendons are about to snap. the hand sounds like carpel tunnel to me. I would ask your doc. if carpel tunnel can happen in the feet. I also I heard PsA can cause tendon issue so I am not sure which is the culprit.

My immediate thought was tendons, which can be involved with PsA. You're doing the right thing... gentle stretching, and ice when inflamed and heat to help movement. You may be able to use a Voltaren gel (an NSAID gel - by prescription) on hands and feet to keep the local tendon inflammation down.

Voltaren is good, but can only be used if you are NOT using oral NSAIDs.

I have a really great GP, and when some of these really odd things come up, I will go see him as a starting point. You may want to consider that.

Could it possibly be neuropathy? I had so much inflammation in my hands and feet, that it was putting pressure on the nerves.

Thanks for the tips so far. I also have significant pain in the very tips of my fingers and toes. Again, very different from my typical PSA pain. No joints involved.


Sounds like tndonitis to me. I find heat helps but we are all different. I also have trigger fingers and a finger that I splint all the time as it is no longer dependable.

What type of splint/position? I've been using a swan neck splint for some time now, and may get another silver ring splint soon for another finger. I use the oval 8's for more temporary splinting.

michael in vermont said:

Sounds like tndonitis to me. I find heat helps but we are all different. I also have trigger fingers and a finger that I splint all the time as it is no longer dependable.

I use cloth ones that keep my finger straight. I have found some on the internet which are washable and blue. I prefer some beige ones I found at the pharmacy which are suppose to be disposable but I wash them. They are thinner so do not last as long but much less noticeable. Do the figure 8s prevent side to side movement? That is what is so painful right now.

Piganli, Dupuytren's usually presents with one or more nodules in the palm of your hand, and/or thickened cords running through the fascia. It gradually draws the finger(s) down towards the palm. Dupuytren has a fraternal twin named Ledderhose which gets your feet. If you can't feel bumps or cords in your palm, it's probably not Dupuytren's.

Michael- I have seen what you are talking about. The oval 8s I like because they are wearable even in dirty conditions, such as washing dishes, gardening, etc. If you wear them they can be worn for side to side motion, but your finger would also be straight. . .possibly too restrictive. I actually used them when I broke a finger, and was very happy with them.

I bought a silver ring splint for swan neck deformity. Mine is not locked, but was locking and painful. I have other fingers that “catch”, but they aren’t painful.

Stoney- My finger feels best in a straight position. If used in a bent position it starts really hurting. I will look into the oval 8s it just might work and if not too expensive worth a try. Thank you so much. m

Tramadol aka Ultram is good for pain, and it works in the same narcotic pain meds do, but it is not a narcotic. I was given it by my foot doc. years ago, might be worth looking into.

Tramadol is a very DANGEROUS drug. It is a synthetic. J & J got wacked HARD by the FDA a few years ago for understating the dangers of this drug. Especially the highly addictive nature of it.......