Do allergies increase your fatigue?

Hi Everyone , I'm interested to know if anyone has environmental or food allergies that cause them fatigue or make their PsA worse?

Thanks for any info.


I have had allergies all my life. As a child my father gave me injections for them. As an adult I use Flonase nasal spray and an inhaler to keep them at bay. I usually have huge allergic reactions to any URI, whither colds or pneumonia and have to take anti-histamines as well as cold medicines and/or antibiotics. I have a huge reaction to poison ivy and similar stuff and have to take anti-histamines with that too. I do not have an allergy to animals any more or won't admit to it. I have a lot of furry friends though I do notice when we do not vacuum regularly! I do not notice any fatigue when I am secreting histamine in reaction to something though I do notice an increase in fatigue when my TNF is high as a biologic is not working well for me any more. If I did I might try an OTC allergy med like laratdine or Claritin. Some anti-histamines can make people tired like Benadryl.

So, are you saying that you have more energy when you have allergies. I have an appointment on Friday with an allergist to get prescription for allergy meds because I was hoping it would help reduce my fatigue caused by allergies. Now, I'm taking OTC med to help with my seasonal allergies. I'm also wondering if I have any food allergies that are contributing to my fatigue

In the past year I have had to start taking Zyrtec daily. The only time I used to get any sort of sinus headache would be in the fall in the Midwest, when I would be walking through piles of leaves kicking up all that leaf mold.

I don't know if it's just been a bad year for allergies, but my 16yo had to start taking daily Zyrtec last year as well. We both get migraine level headaches triggered by sinus irritation. Neither of us gets a runny nose, itchy eyes, or sneezes, we just get severe sinus pain this past year from everything, it seems, until we both started the daily Zyrtec.

My disease has been on and off pretty bad this past year as well. Related? Who knows. I'll trot out the old saw "correlation does not equal causation" for my case.

I *can* tell you that when I eat potatoes a few too many days in a row I get a bone deep fatigue. I don't flare it just brings on that leaden feeling of moving through quicksand. Eliminating potatoes doesn't do anything for me (did for 18 mo), so I just spread out my potato eating over the week. If I'm feeling particularly fatigued already I might skip them. This is just my own little body's idiosyncracy.

My doc said because we had such a mild Summer in Virginia, that allergies are going to be bad this year.

No I do not have an increase in my energy; I don't see any effect one way or the other. I just thought one of the non-drowsy antihistamines might help you but you have that covered.

Yes, my seasonal allergies increase my fatigue. It's as if my body is overloaded with things to deal with. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I don't sleep well at night when my allergies are bothering me, so I'm tired all day. And even if I do get a decent amount of sleep, it's not quality sleep because I'm congested.

I've been trying to sort this out myself.

Frances, which OTC allergy medicine do you take? For me, Zyrtec or its little generic cousins works best, but it does add to my fatigue. Taking it at night helps, as I can sleep through some of the drowsiness. Claritin doesn't seem to add to fatigue, but is less effective for me. Allegra and its knockoffs is my current favorite- good relief without much extra fatigue, but even the generics are expensive. Can't have it all, I guess.

Louise, I'm taking a CVS allergy med. I have an appointment with an allergist on Friday to identify what I'm allergic to and hopefully get prescription med to target my allergies. I'll let you know how it goes.