I was just fired for missing too much work. Now, looking for a new job and facing the question - WHO WOULD HIRE ME? I cannot stand for more than 10 minutes without SI pain, cannot lift anything heavy, and now my neck and spine are at a point that I cannot do the desk work the way I could before. What job am I suited for?

For years now I have worked - come home and rested so that I can work again the next day. A few times a year, I get a flare that will take me out of business for a couple of weeks at a time. Quality of life has sucked for a couple of years. Work and rest.

When is it ok to say I can't do this anymore? I would rather go for a walk along the boardwalk with my daughter than sit in pain at a desk - and for me it is one or the other. Cannot do both. I have such a negative feeling about applying for disability - I don't know why I feel that my ability to work is a line I don't want to cross. Has anyone else gone on disability - do you mind sharing the circumstances and conditions to me? How do we know when to give up the premise of a normal life and just start taking care of ourselves?


I am sorry you have come to this juncture. I guess your question has currently merged with the 'survey' post, clearly you are not alone in this dilemma.

Isn't walking with your daughter normal life? Isn't having a chronic disease and not being able to do the job you once did normal? It's all normal and if you can find a job that suits you or get disability support you can work on making the new normal into something really good. I'm probably too opinionated about disability for most peoples' tastes - I think it is absolutely fine to get help with living costs when you need it, that you should hold your head high & pour scorn on anyone who thinks otherwise. Realistically I can see it's not always that simple though.

I'm in the UK and getting disability benefits here is hard. Almost impossible it seems to me without obvious & fairly severe functional disability so for me it's a non-starter. But what you describe is functional disability. Have you looked into the criteria for getting financial support? And is there any way you could become self-employed? Over here we have the right to ask for 'reasonable adjustments' at work e.g. equipment or seating etc. that helps us do the job safely and more comfortably, does this apply in Canada?