Disability Support Pension

Hi, New Here, Can i get any tips on how to deal with Centrelink, I have been living with this Painful Disease for years now and can’t work because of it, I’m trying to get a Disability Support Pension, Already been knocked back once for not being Disable enough ( WHAT ) so i appelled the distigion and Centrelink now they have an inderpendant person to revew my case and they will be ringing me in a few days time, What really Pisses me off is that this is a Disability and i have too explain AGAIN about my condition to a person that does not have a clue who or what i am, Just waiting for centrelink to pull the rug out from under me AGAIN, So when i get knocked back again where do i go from here. Any Help would great thanx Russell

I’m not much help, but you may want to mention what country. That said, you may not want to share information that could identify you in order to protect your case.

Since you have said Centrelink, I guess you are in Australia. I am too but unfortunately I don’t think I’ve got any useful information for you as I’ve never applied. I will ask one of the other mods if they know more.

Out of curiosity, are you on the NDIS? I was under the impression that is a little easier, though it doesn’t help with cost of living if can mitigate things like physio, specialised exercise classes etc.

Disability status is far from automatic in Italy for PSA, although fibromialgia and rheumatoid arthritis apparently have better access. Am going to go about getting certifications, others who went through this process before me used a legal doctor , a lawyer, or both. In other countries too seem to read that lawyers help with these issues at time. All the best,

It just makes me mad that i have too explain and prove that i have a disability when they have all my medical records, If you hav’nt got PsA, Fibromialgia you don’t understand what we are going though Pain is the problem, When to tell someone what you have nilly all just scratch their head. Thanks everyone Russell

It’s so frustrating isn’t it? I did ask another Bens friends Moderator who has been through the process, but in South Australia, and not for PsA.

His experience was that they key thing is having a specialist report supportive of the claim, though it was some time ago he did it, so there would have been some changes. Still seems logical that you would need a rheumatologist letter or assessment for it.

He also said that there are disability advocacy groups that can be really helpful, both in providing support and assisting with the process. Whilst I don’t know who specifically is the right organisation, you could pick the region you are in from the following page and give them a call - I’m sure they could help with who to contact.


I hope it goes well. One thing I have learnt with other parts of Centrelink is to be politely persistent, even with all the frustration. Remember you do have people who understand.

I seemed to get further faster when my rheumy labeled my charts, "Systemic Inflammatory Disease. In Canada