Fibromyalgia plus PsA

I just found out that not only do I have PsA I have Fibro also. They have included Elavil along with humera and methotrexate. I am thinking about applying for disability retirement because I can't no longer handle working with pain and fatigue. I feel so guilty about doing this. I was diagnosed about almost a year ago and It has not gotten better. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

That stinks and I am sorry to hear it. There are others here in the same boat. Some are on disability, some are working, and others have very limited choices. Be grateful your current circumstances allow you this option, and if you feel so led, do it and don’t look back.

Not to be preachy here, but don’t give up your right to healing yourself because of a feeling of guilt. If you feel that you need to be placed on a disability retirement, then do so. You know yourself best. This is not something that is decided upon rashly. I’m sure you’ve agonized over the decision. No guilt needed here. Sometimes guilt is just misplaced pride coupled with fear of what others would think.

Blessings and hugs to you and peace in whatever you decide.

At the risk of plagiarizing Yoda,

Guilt leads to fear, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering.

Who needs suffering? You certainly do not.

(Of course, make sure that you still can pay for whatever meds you are on with a diminished income and possible change in health coverage due to this change in lifestyle.)

DMara is correct, no one knows but you. However you need to be aware Fibro is rarely enough for disability because it is so subjective. Coupled with PsA will help, but again pain/fatigue etc is a tough sell with actual "damage" It can be done but it takes a fair amount of time. Then there is the 2 year waiting period for medicare. Conceivably one could be without insurance for 2 years or more........ Then what ever your disability payment is, will be reduced by your medicare premiums (medicare isn't free) and which ever supplement you are able to get. Without a supplement your out of pocket expense will almost equal your disability check.

There are other options. If you are on a new course of treatment, it may be all you need is some time for everything to kick in. FMLA or short term disablity are designed for that. Voc rehab is also a great option. the worst that will happen there is while "rehabing" you they pick up a lot of expenses, if they can't then it goes really quickly with SSDI.