Dandruff with Psoriasis?

I got diagnosed with pustular psoriasis, and rheummy is saying i have psoriatric arthritis, after being diagnosed with RA, 17 yrs ago.

Palm is still peeling, but not bad, i weaned off prednisone, it seemed to help.

I can't see anything like a rash in my scalp, nor hubby. First if was globs of big flakes, only noticable after i wash my hair. And a fine tooth comb, gets a lot of dandruff out

Tried not using too much styling aids, like a root lifter aerosol..I got fine hair, and on mtx.

Now the dandruff is coming out like a gooey white stuff...But only when i wash my hair. And i have been using dandruff shampoo. Now as i write this, i do feel itching, but never scratch at it...in my scalp, worst part is in front...not much in back

I got rheummy appt Friday, but i guess i need to go to the skin doctor

Think this is part of Psoriasis?

I know what you're talking about. They are like big clumps of dandruff. It almost resembles a scab. Kind of in between a scab and flakes. I pull them out of my hair. For me underneath the flake is a red/raw piece of scalp. It iches. Scalp flakes are very common with psoriasis in fact it is usually the first sign of a flare up for me. I use a liquid steroid on my scalp when it gets real bad. Actually first I use T-Sal shampoo and scrub real good to remove the build up then after I towel dry my scalp I put the steroid solution on my scalp and rub it all over. It actually works very well. The creams for my skin don't work nearly as good. I think my scalp is the easiest to treat. Dandruff shampoo won't help you too much because actual dandruff is a fungus so the shampoos for that are mostly aimed at killing the fungus. This isn't actually dandruff it just looks like it, but it is a little wetter/oilier and clumpier I think.

Oh, here I got the name of the solution that works for me. Clobetasol propionate topical solution, usp .05%

Tsal is sold at the drugstore

tkrlady said:

Thanks!...I started thinking getting off prednisone might have something to do with this. Then i thought this was some yeast, because it's creamy, like gooey...But your answer makes me feel better, good description, that it is wet!

Yes!..dandruff shampoo not working. Glad it's easier to clear up, than on the palms, my prob...Will see if i can get the rheummy to help me, if not i can get into the PA at the dermatologist faster...I'm not scratching it, but it does feel itchy, or like a nerve thing!

Thanks again, take care!