CVS and Abbvie - Gotta Love them (or hate them)

So, CVS ships me my Rinvoq two weeks ago AFTER telling me my Abbvie Co-Pay Debit card is covering it as usual.

Yesterday, I get a call from CVS telling me I owe them $4,000 because my Abbvie Co-Pay card is maxed out. I never knew the Abbvie Co-Pay cards maxed out and have never had this happen before in over a year. Or with any of Abbvie’s other biologics over ten years.

My insurance deductible reset on June 1st, and Abbvie has decided not to cover the Rinvoq now because of that.

So CVS ships me $4,000 in drugs and never tells me or gives me a heads up on how much they cost or if I could pay for them, prior to shipping them. Or getting a prior approval from me to pay for them. I don’t have $4,000 a month for Rinvoq!

Not sure what I am going to do now. I guess I will go without biologics. Now I am fighting with the screw ups at CVS, telling them good luck on collecting since they didn’t get authorization prior to shipping.

CVS has gotten so bad that all of my doctors have told me to use a different pharmacy but I can’t. My drug insurance is with Carmark and I cannot use anyone but CVS.

So now CVS wants $4,000. Abbvie has told me “oh yeah,” there is a max on the co pay card, which I was never informed of!

Unsure what is next!

Call Abbvie, they may be able to help .The insurance may not cover the deductable.

Abbvie is the problem! They have decided there is a max they will pay on their co-pay card…after over a year. CVS is the second problem. They shipped the drugs after telling me Abbvie card had taken care of it.

I have often thought the prescriber should be dealing with the pharmacy directly.The frustration is on a level of seriousness.Noone should have to spend 12 to 24 hours accumulated time in correspondance.Perhaps as a group we can let our legislation be informed, and lastly having the administrative doctors office make it protocol for everyone to be serviced through there office rather through our interference. YES ITS OUR INDURANCE.They choise to accept it.Speaking of doctors office.There corporate model should be full service care. NO excuses ANYMORE!!!Doctors want to treat, but if you work for corporate you are doing a disservice.Break away!!Lets make sure education for doctors are available in the United states.The automony of the doctor patient relationship needs to be first.Also theres a new business midel called direct primary care.Sneakily, they came about to fill the holes in care!One step below Consiere and one step above basic insurance.You pay $3,000 more to get the servive of less frustration.Sad.

Sorry to hear of your troubles. When the system works it works well but then the unexpected happens and you can be launched into a stressful time that isn’t healthy. I’ve only had good experiences with Abbvie, but that may be because I have a low income and no company insurance. They do seem to have a genuine compassion division…I’d be surprised if they dropped you altogether. They thrive on glowing reports about how fantastic their product is as they need Rinvoq to be a “winner”. Maybe tell them how you much you need their product…? Sorry, the games we have to play!

Exactly! I’ve gotten the phone call ahead of shipment that my copay card had expired. They sent you medication without payment arranged.

Did you end up paying them?

I’ve always been given time to make sure everything was in place. Shipping it without payment is unacceptable