Crawling sensation in feet?

Hi does anyone have a crawling sensation in their feet and the only thing that helps is to keep moving them?
I’m not feeling well at the moment and I have this along with nausea fatigue foggy head and I’m wondering if this is a flare up? See doc on Thursday
Thank you


That sounds like restless leg syndrome. It could also be the start of neuropathy.

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Yep, what Stoney said. Is it worse with an arthritis flare or independent of it? What meds are you on at the moment?

When I had similar, the thing that most helped me was using an arthritis spray on them - the heat seemed to confuse the nerves just enough to let me get to sleep. I found it important to spray the soles of me feet. Deep heat or tiger balm would work the same way I imagine.

You should have it checked though - it may be caused by some other underlying condition that needs addressing.

Thank you
I don’t have it at night though I have it all day!
I have got some tiger balm so will give that a go anyway. Also I have had it some days with no other symptoms so better get it checked out.
I take escitalopram for anxiety and pregabalin that’s all at the moment x

A magnesium spray/arthritis spray helps with this. And it is what @Stoney said. Either one,


I ALWAYS have issues with feet. Burning tingling itching. I now always shower before bed and use AVEDA FOOT RELEIF at night. This has helped a lot.