Costochondritis? Pleurisy?

I’ve been having a rough week. Last week noticed that was having some painful breathing. First noticed in the extreme cold, but then quickly became all of the time, chest pain, shortness of breath. Painful to talk. I saw my doctor Monday, questioning whether it could be costochondritis. I’m glad that he was in so that I didn’t wind up getting sent right the ER. My lungs sounded clear, and a chest xray looked good. He did blood work to look for signs of infection and to hopefully rule out pulmonary embolism.

But of course my d dimer level was somewhat elevated, and my pain and shortness of breath was persisting and even getting slightly worse still. So a ct scan was ordered with contrast. I had to pre medicate with prednisone because of my asthma. Well that helped a lot! Just got the update that the ct scan was clear. So pulmonary embolism was ruled out.

This leaves costochondritis or pleurisy as the top possible diagnoses. Both of them, the treatment seems to be the same. Ride it out. Is there something that I’m missing?

At first when I was reading this I was thinking histoplasmosis, but then you said your x-rays looked clear. I had histoplasmosis years ago, and my lungs hurt, like what you’re talking about, hurt to talk and breathe, etc. It showed up slightly on an x-ray, but was really obvious on a ct scan.

I’m glad to hear the prednisone is working so well! I’m not sure if you ride it out–so that’s what the doctor said to do?

Hi there @Stoney, I’m soo sorry to hear it’s been a rough week for you… either costochondritis or pleurisy are no fun… I had suspected costochondritis a few years ago (never confirmed as CRP was within “normal” bounds - surprise, surprise) as it wasn’t confirmed I really can’t comment on that one.

But I do have experience with a bad bout of pleurisy. I had a touch of a ?cold which seemed to clear up then a couple of weeks later went from being fine one day to waking up the next morning feeling absolutely disgusting, with a wicked fever. As the pleurisy was in the base of one lung that’s where the pain (on breathing) was… every breath was soo painful I had to breath very shallow.

I went to the doctor that day and as soon as I walked in the door, even before she examined me or asked anything, she said “there’s only one thing that makes you that sick, you have pleurisy”, had a listen to my chest and wrote out a prescription for some hard out antibiotics… I seem to remember noticing a bit of improvement later that evening, and it took a couple of days to bounce back and head back to work.

If you do take a sudden turn for the worse please do get yourself back to your docs… don’t muck around with it!!

All the best for getting to the bottom of it and getting some relief ASAP

Too bad that the prednisone was super short term. It’s getting worse again now that the prednisone is moving out of my system.

Can you ask for Prednisone again for longer? That sounds horrible! Very soft hug I really hope it will go away soon!

I called up my doctor and he called in a prednisone taper for me, thank goodness. Starting at 60mg today. I’ll take it. I’m miserable.

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Calling your doctor was a wise move… best of luck with the prednisone!! I hope it kicks in quickly and gives you relief!! Chest pain, from anything, is downright awful!!

Keeping fingers crossed for you!!! Hugs!!

What a terrible run! I really hope the steroids give you the lift they should, and it is gone by the time you finish your taper :grinning:


Poor you Stoney, I hope it works and you feel a lot more comfortable soon. Big cyber hug which at least doesn’t hurt.

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How you doing @Stoney??

I’m in phase 2? The steroids are definitely helping so that I’m semi functional. I’m on day 5 of 7. But since the weekend, I’ve added in a cough. The cough is the type that’s lighting my whole chest on fire. I made myself an appt with my GP for Friday, as I get the feeling that I’m going you want to follow up.

Meanwhile, I think I’m happy that tomorrow is looking like a snow day, which will cancel tutoring. I’m supposed to have 2 two hour sessions tomorrow, and not looking forward to it with how I’m feeling. I had a three hour earlier today and have to go back out tonight for a 2 hour session. This working while sick thing isn’t working out so great. It’s why I didn’t go back to teaching full time in the first place, or a part of it. I’m not getting paid if I’m not working, but this week I could use the rest time.

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Am pleased to hear the prednisone is helping!!
Sorry to hear about the painful cough!! You certainly don’t need that!!
All the best with your GP follow up on Friday!!
Do enjoy your rest (snow) day!! Take the time to take care of yourself… snuggle up in bed with a good book :smile:
Sure hoping you are able to get on top of it real soon!!! Hugs

Apparently none of the above. I had a nice response to prednisone even if it didn’t clear things up. It’s been 2 weeks now since the symptoms first started. With the symptoms, etc, I’m being treated for pericarditis. I did have an echocardiogram this morning, and the cardiologist said that 1/3 of people with pericarditis will have a clear echo.

Oh bugger Stoney!! I do hope this round of treatment is the right thing to get on top of it, and makes a real difference ASAP!! Doesn’t sound like much fun at all!!

Poor you Stoney, I really hope you get better soon. More hugs from me.

Surprisingly enough, I’m having a flare up of the pericarditis symptoms. It started almost 2 weeks ago, and was having chest pain and shortness of breath again. I’m still on the colchicine. So now I’m on a prednisone taper to see if it can be knocked back into submission. At least it didn’t get as awful as it was at it’s worst.

Really sorry to hear Stoney, I hope that one day soon it’s gone for good :grinning:

My concern, that I’ll voice when I go back in a month, is whether this is going to be a chronic issue now.

Gosh I hope not, Stoney.

Yes, I can really feel for you there. I have no idea of the actual probability of that (though I suspect it’s small), but it’s exactly where my mind would go in your situation too.