Chest pain

I’m wondering if anyone has experienced chest pain. It feels like there’s pressure on my chest and I am short of breath (not where I can’t catch my breath but I can’t take deep breaths and when I try there’s a pain). I went to dr today as I was worried it might be side effect from meds. I am 5 weeks into Methotrexate and have been taking plaquenil for 7 months. They did an ecg and X-rays of chest and everything came back ok. My gp said he ruled out his major concerns but wasn’t sure of the cause. I didn’t mention at time but I have been having a lot of shoulder and back pain for past month. Is it possible the chest pain is inflammation? Anyone experience this? Thanks for your help and any info!

Hi Saundra I think it’s called costochondritis. There’s a thread on the general discussion with this in the title and it describes it just as you have. And it’s PsA related.

I can get it too although it’s on the wane right now. I don’t feel a pressure, just hellish pain on breathing, coughing, sneezing or laughing. Feels like I’ve an awful severe rib pain as if one or two of them are broken. But for me it’s at the side, not at my sternum.

Hope this helps

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I’ve got costochondritis too. It’s on the left side and at times I can’t seem to take a deep breath so naturally it’s worrying and I have to keep reminding myself what it is. There’s a general feeling of stiffness up along my ribcage on that side, definitely worse sometimes than others.

I don’t get much pain as such, though if I press my ribs hard, there’s always tenderness. Worse just under the left breast so any bra is uncomfortable and gets more and more annoying as the day goes on. I wear over-the-head ones so soft and stretchy that they barely serve their purpose lol, but I still hate them with a vengeance.

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That description sounds very similar to the costchondritis (inflammation of the joints that attach your ribs to your sternum) I had before diagnosis - it can come on fairly suddenly too - enough so that I was starting to wonder if I was having a heart attack, as the feeling of pressure on my chest was very strong. If everything else has been checked and is clear, I’d assume it’s that. So keep up the meds, use heat, ice, and anti-inflammatories, and if you can, give the “chest opening” type positions / sequences of yoga a try :grinning:

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That’s good that they were able to rule out the big concerns. Yes, there is something called costochondritis. I haven’t had it in a while, but I’ve definitely experienced it. My only other question, since this is the first time that you’re experiencing it, is if they are able to rule out lung problems, including asthma. Not everything will show up on x-ray. Just keep an eye out on that, and consider asking for a referral to a pulmonologist just to cover your bases.


Thanks so much, I will do a search for those threads

I do agree with Stoney that it’s best to rule out other ‘stuff’ that could be causing the pain. Much as I loathe PsA, certain sorts of pain etc. can be easier to handle when you’re sure that they’re due to the devil you know.

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