Cognitive disfunction brain fog

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I got a message from the Scripps Clinic that they canceled my tilt table test, they want it re-scheduled in September and have me tested two days prior for COVID19.
I think the clinic has cognitive dysfunction, since they contacted me to make the appointment!
Turns out the Neurologist would not be able to follow up with me until September…
I should still have brain fog, since it has been several years, I think I can wait another 8 weeks. Just a little annoying, to be given the runaround.
BTW had my prostate treatment, the doctor did not bother with much pain killing before burning one of the most tender points you could imagine, I think that will be that last time doing the “Rezume” Procedure, at least with this doctor! He was supposed to have done a nerve block, at least they could have given me a shot of whisky or something!

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Jon, looked up tilt test, if it’s for unexplained fainting, connection w brain fog, do you reckon cervical bones if that’s in English could be responsible ? Because inflammation of cervical bones sent me to hospital once and if not taking methotrexate sends me right back, need antiinflammatory strong pill but only thing that seems to quell it somewhat is continuing once weekly 10m mtxt shots

I think any think that is blocking blood flow, but the arteries are well away from the cervical spine aren’t they? Possibly pinching spinal cord? What I was reading about was inflammation in the brain itself, I would think the brain stem and lower part of the brain, where the word memory speaking function is, but that is just my common sense speaking, we know common sense has very little to do with medical science, the bunch of idiopaths… :sweat_smile:

Here is the area I think would be affected…

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have just read fascinating research on use of boron to help in arthritis and osteoarthritis, will start taking 3mg pills a day to see if it helps in diminishing inflammation and bone erosion

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Looks promising, maybe I will add it to my other 20 pills…

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I took a quick peek. This article is about osteoarthritis. It also does finish off by saying that if you eat a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables that there is no reason roo supplement.

Generally speaking, when people eat a well balanced diet, there is little need for supplementation.

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Ya, I eat very well and take supplements, so probably have it covered already.

Well, I’ve also been told that marijuana cookies help but haven’t tried them either. Does that classify as a healthy vegetable? A close friend of mine and considerably older died of bone cancer and rather than morphine, he smoked pot for pain management. Its just not my background or history but I wonder how many with PsA have found pot to be helpful. Please raise your hands if so! :slight_smile: (Only in states/countries and provinces where it is legal!!).

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I heard that it is very good for cancer patients, but I would imagine eating it would be healthier, unless you are checking out anyway, in that case, why not smoke it?
A friend who passed away from urinary tract cancer, was given a script for s Rx to keep from being sick with chemo, it was thousands a pill, he just went And got some marijuana pills for it for $100 and took care of the problem better then the expensive Rx. In California everything is legal.
My problem with it, I like to concentrate and do focused work still, brain fog is bad enough, but when I tried it, I was a wreck. It did not help my symptoms much, as I also have small fiber neuropathy, that affects blood flow, turns out marijuana stimulates blood flow, so gave me more pain!

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Was given mj for pain management by a doctor when in great pain for cancer chemotherapy, made a tisane hot drink of it and it worked in lessening the pain after one chemo session of the last and most painful ones.

Research I read on spoke about both arthritis and osteoarthritis and boron being effective in reversing arthritis osteoarthritis and osteopenia. Unfortunately our presence in this forum does not seem to point to our optimal health status in these departments.

Wow boron haven’t heard of it in close to 50 years when it was sold in Porn Shops as testosterone booster and a mild aphrodisiac for women as it was purported to increase hormone levels. (might be where the claims for reducing osteopenia come from) Before that back in the 20’s it was used as a food preservative. It didn’t work out too well as boron is a deadly poison so that didn’t last long. Interestingly enough Boron doesn’t exist naturally. Essentially the only natural sources are Raisins and Almonds. I any event the primary thing it does stabilize vitamin D levels. I know many of us have been prescribed Vitamin D as D deficiency is common with inflammatory disease. My guess is that is where the unproven benefits for arthritis help comes from.

It never ceases to amaze me how the snake oil salesmen link one claim based on a partial fact/possibiltiy to make another claim and another and another. Boron man was a short lived super villain back in the 60’s in the Original Metal man comic Series


So will all the raisins and almonds I eat help stabilise my vitamin D levels?


Theoretically. but the raisins tend to destabilize other parts of ones anatomy…


And use up to much of the pandemic commodity, toilet paper!

Do realize mentioning boron raises more than one eyebrow, including possibly my own. Was just wondering on potential beneficial effects in small (3mg) doses taken daily for a spell, considering (1) am not taking carbs veg etc (2) possibility that sources of the mineral are not found in soil in some countries, and (3) bioavailability of substances in vegetables may not be easily absorbed by our bodies. Outlandish as all this might sound, so is the nature and effects of our disease. We might consider that excentric measures like carnivore diets, mixed with fasting and vit d and magnesium supplementation, have had a very real effect on my labs, reversing type2 diabetes onset caused by cortisone, reducing triglycerides to 53 from 153 or so, and reducing pain even while was off methotrexate at one point. These ‘experiments’, considered by some, certainly not orthodox mainstream, have , in conjunction with proceeding with biologic and mtrxt, had positive rather than negative effects so far, certainly at least in pain management as well as other parameters, and for this reason am considering further enquiry on the matter before discounting it outright. Regards to all from a possibly self delusional companion, willing to consider sacrificing ten euros to ‘science’?


So a new entry in the brain fog chapter! My neurologist is thinking that, besides wishing he could transfer me to another doctor because I am a pain in the you know what…
Has found a possible reason for my brain fog!
Seems that before noon my BP is very low, along with my pulse, then after lunch, I go into tachycardia, this continues until 2-3am… It is like POTS, but they said I did not have it. That and the Brain fog is thought to possibly be caused by a restricted blood flow to the right side of my brain, when I stand up, as much as 28%! Now, some of you know I have been imaged more then most of you put together, so Image time!
I had combed through my MRA images a year ago, these are the brains blood pathways, and found that the right interior carotid artery Located in the center of my brain, behind the eye and next to the ear, has a slight enlargement from the Left side, leading me to believe that there may be a blockage above it, pnc com login personal banking
This upper one looks like a slight aneurism at 0,691cm

This shows the enlarged right internal carotid artery.
I had also saw some artifacts around that area in previous MRI that may be tumors, but was always shrugged off by the lazy white coats, as they muttered under their breath "I don’t have time to look at images on your iPad!

Of course my new doctor is no slouch, he is the assistant head of the cardiology department at Scripps. Since driving my my Young stressed ( drinking to much soy milk) millennial Vegan neurologist Doctor of Orthopedics to take a week off, Without notice, no doubt stress… He set me up with a hard nose that will really take care of me if I pull out my iPad to show my findings… :face_with_monocle:

What I am still trying to figure out, I have all the symptoms of a mild POTS, when I stand up my pulse races to 120 bpm my BP drops, I get faint. But only in the afternoon and evening, sometimes into the early morning. Beta blockers work for one week, then the body over rides the dose.
With POTS they have brain fog, caused by restricted blood flow when standing… now during the test, I pretty much just had the reduced blood flow when standing to the right side of 28%. So it cannot be secondary to the other symptoms, it would have to be primary! If it was a clogged artery, why only when standing? Seems it would clog laying down also…