Cimzia and Lower Back Pain Side Effect

I have been on Cimzia for Two and a half months for psoriatic arthritis and spinal arthritis. Within the first couple of weeks, I was getting relief in all my joints and in my spine. About three weeks ago, I started to get pain in my lower back. It is a different kind of pain than what I experience with my arthritis. I saw on several websites that this could be a side effect of Cimzia. I called the nurse support line and the nurse said that they do not have this side effect listed on their website and she said to talk to my doctor. My doctor has never been any good at helping me troubleshoot side effects of any of the drugs I have been on. It gets better when I sleep and when I wake up and as the day goes by it gets worse. Has anyone experienced this side effect?

Afraid I haven’t had that one rsahadi. One thing to think about when you do try to troubleshoot it - can you describe it? does it feel like it is in your spine or more a generalised ache (like pressure?). If it is getting worse as the day goes on, could it actually be the joints or muscles in your lower back getting more and more tired as you sit / stand longer? And finally, are there any other little subtle things that have arrived with it (like slightly reduced or increased appetite, thirst, that sort of thing?

Might be better to have a doctor check it out, may not be related directly to Cimzia, could be anything from muscular strain or the spine to kidney pain. So best to get it checked out. Good luck!

Are you taking any steroids? Roids can cause low back pain.

When I started Enbrel, my back pain and stiffness completely disappeared. Six weeks in, however, I started getting a weird feeling in my lower back and my legs got weak. After one day of that, my back completely went out—I mean a disc herniated or ruptured (whatever you call that) and I was in HORRIBLE UNBEARABLE pain—from my lower back, through my butt and all the way down my right leg. So BEWARE!!! Some suggestions about why that happened was that my back felt so good from Enbrel I overdid it and hurt my back. I think the damage I had from so long not treating my PsA properly was lurking and it decided to let me know how stupid I was for not going on meds when my body needed them! Sneaky disease!

I should add, I’ve had weak legs ever since (and that was over 5 years ago).