Chiropractors and PsA

Should i go to a chiro if i have psa and osteo arthritis? Kinda scared to because my bones in my back hurt.

It really depends on the chiropractor. I love my chiropractor, but she has experience with people with spondylitis (I have PsA/spondylitis) and knows where my fusions are. She's very gentle and knows several techniques that work well for me.

I've found cranio-sacral therapy incredibly helpful as well.

Hi Shanon,

I believe they require an x-ray before taking you on for adjustments, this shows them the problem areas, they also do an indepth interview and exam the first visit.

I love my Chiropractor too, he knows my back better than anyone, and keeps me on my feet. I need the more agressive adjustments, especially with spinal stenosis, when that really acts up, I actually ask him to 'put his foot into me'! He doesn't actually, but he knows what is going on then. I also have Spondylitis, but no fusions.

I have gone to the DC's who use the gentle techniques, but it was not as helpful, though I may reach the point where that is all I can tolerate. A good one will know exactly how to take care of you.

Wishing you well,