Change in pain med Rules

FWIW the FDA voted yesterday to chane a number of pain meds (mostly those containing hydrocodone) from Class III to Class II. so now they will be treated like Percocet or Oxy. This includes Vicodin, Norco etc.

All it really means is that you can only get a script for a 30 day supply, it has to be written script from the Doc (no fax phone etc,) It will be on the registry so getting it more than a day or two early may be a problem (if you are travelling) so you may want to plan a head. Docs can mail the written script.

My personal opinion is that its a pretty good idea, It helps insure those who need them can continue to get them.

BUT if I put on my Tinfoil hat, I believe its a plot to get us to spend more time in Walmart (or whatever store contains our pharmacy) Nobody like to make two trips to the store so we will take in the script in and shop while it is being filled. this is no doubt an unmentioned part of this years economic recovery plan.

Oh they will be putting less Tylenol in them too. (but then its long been my belief that its the stuff they mix the hydrocodone with that makes them work. The hydrocodone just makes you sleep, loop or not care if the other stuff works)

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I like the idea for those who have problems with addiction. My problem is my son is ADHD, so getting to the doc then the pharmacy. I didn’t realize they could mail them out i will ask next time. Thanks for that information.

I’ve always believed they should have better control. Though now with technology you think the eprescribe is the most efficient way.

Why can't they control these things in a way that's more convenient especially for chronic patients. Maybe they could leave something up to the discretion of the pharmacist. For instance a kid who has been prescribed ADHD meds for the past 5 years by a local doctor... you would think that they could ease up on the rules.

To make something more of a pain in the ass doesn't mean more secure, it just means it's more of a pain.