Bowen Technique Bodywork?

Does anyone know anything of Bowen Technique body work? My husband just came home with a card with name and number on it. I know I have heard of it many years ago and used to know what it was but that was so long ago I cannot remember anymore. I am thinking that it is a deep connective tissue work that may not be easy for those of us who have much pain and inflammation and fibromyalgia.along with our PsA. Can some one share what they know about the Bowen Technique with us?

Well I grew up knowing the Bowen tecnique as sheep shearing....... The Bowen guys were fast. I suspect thats not what you are talking about. There are so many interpretations of the Bowen technique, hard to know what it is. He never documented his work. My mother in law does cranio sacral work and claims to do Bowen. Its pretty gentle. She follows ( or chases) the paths She won't work on me without "help" because what ever it is she feels I have to much " energy. Its usually her or one of her little old lady helpers hand on my butt. One of them is 102. Its a little freaky hearing them ask each other if they feel it...... Believe it or not I have driven up there. Whatever it is helps with spasm as does a massage/p>