Bouts of debilitating nausea

I had 5 weeks of nausea about 2 months ago. Some days the nausea was debilitating. It went away on it’s own and no meds helped except phenegran. and then about 2 weeks ago the nausea came back and was completely debilitating for about 4 days. I was bedridden and the only med that helped was phenegran.

I’ve had an endoscopy, saw an ear doc, 2 GPs and no diagnosis. I have an appointment with a new gastroenterologist on June 21.

Could it be autoimmune related? Pancreatitis?

That sounds miserable, and I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with that.

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Ugh, that’s not fun at all. I guess almost anything can be autoimmune related (I seem to be learning that the hard way recently :roll_eyes:).

Do you have any other symptoms at all? Vertigo or dizziness? Other things ruled out, like family history of migraines? Pregnancy? (I’m guessing if that applied you’ve already thought of it). Isolated nausea is an odd one.

My sister had acute pancreatitis and I’ve had a mimic (biliary colic I think), and it sends you to the ED pretty fast, however chronic pancreatitis can be almost symptom-less from what I’ve read. Have you tried other classic anti-nausea meds like Maxolon or Ondansetron? I must admit phenergan makes me very sleepy so if I was taking it I would struggle to get out of bed even if it was working.

I hope the new gastro has some ideas for you.

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Thanks Stoney.

Thanks for the reply Jen.

I don’t have any dizziness or vertigo and Ondansetron has never helped me with nausea after surgeries etc. I don’t know maxolon. Will ask the gastroenterologist about it. And yes phenegran makes me sleep - I can’t function when I take it but it does give me a reprieve when I have the debilitating nausea.

Maxolon isn’t a good long-term drug as it can have some rare but nasty side effects if taken regularly as I recall (sorry this was some time ago). But I took it for some time, and I think it is quite safe short-term.

It does have a similar mode of action as phenergan, whereas ondansetron is classed differently, so it is possible the Maxolon may work and won’t make you sleepy, so it might at least be a short-term band aid while you are figuring things out.

It’s an older drug than ondansetron and I think most GPs etc have been recently trained that ondansetron is “better”, but I found Maxolon is more effective for my Crohn’s. In my case, that was probably because a part of the nausea was due to slow transit, and one action of Maxolon can be to speed it up. Ondansetron still works for me, just not as well.

Hope you get some answers soon.

I’m definitely going to ask for script for Maxolon next week when I see the gastro. This is very helpful info - thanks!

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Couple of things leap to mind that you might want to look in to … gastroparesis and vagus nerve problems.

Hope that you find some answers.


I’m having another bout of nausea and had to cancel my weekend plans. I’m very depressed.

After seeing 11 doctors, I have been referred for a gastro emptying test to diagnose gastroparesis -everything else has been ruled out. It is another chronic, incurable condition.

I feel like I’m going to have a nervous breakdown dealing with PsA and this condition. I think I will need to retire. :frowning:

Such constant pain and health issues can be so all consuming! Sorry to hear of your condition. I think one that all of us are learning or have learned is…NEVER give up! There is always another glimmer of hope just when you think that none exits. The only thing that actually works in one form or another for my occasional nausea is ginger, and I’m not one to get on the herbal bandwagon easily! Ginger Gravol works fantastic for me and family members. Please try to limit your concern about gastroparesis until a confirmed diagnosis is made. By your posting, it sounds like that hasn’t happened. I know from experience that speculation and nervous tension feed off of each other. Can I suggest something that has helped me? A distraction. I don’t know what you are capable of but sometimes we need to break the fear spiral by “rebooting” our minds with something that focuses on something other than ourselves. Even if it is as simple as calling 2 people a day to let them know that they are important to you, express gratitude, write a note, send flowers. Before my mom passed away at 84 years of age, I taught her how to use an iPad and she connected with a niece 3 provinces away and regularly played scrabble online with her…it was a great distraction from always being ruled by pain and discomfort. I truly hope you take this purely as encouragement and nothing else and that you find a means of coping physically and mentally. Peace.

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Your kindness in writing to me with such good and heartfelt advice has cause me to be teary. It is excellent advice and I will do my best to follow it. I started a flare yesterday and was nauseous - it was too much to bear.

I’m not sobbing any longer so that’s good :slight_smile:. it will take 2-3 weeks to get the gastro emptying test and will post an update.

Thanks again for your kind support Amos. I hope you are doing well and please reach out to my directly if I can ever help you.



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I got my test results - I don’t have gastroparesis! Yay!

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That is great to hear Frances, always a bonus when you don’t have something that is often really difficult to treat!

Here’s hoping you get some answers and a resolution soon :crossed_fingers:

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