Body part that cant move

first of all I went to get up this morning and mt toes on my right foot felt funny I looked down and tried to move them even wiggle them but it took about 3 minutes or so to get it to happen was wondering if this has happened to anyone else thank you and everyone have a good day

I do occasionally get joint stiffness where it takes a while for particular joint to loosen up so that I can move it. It normally happens in the morning just like you described and I attribute it to either joint stiffness or some sort of tendon problem. It usually resolves after a few minutes. Of course it was weird the first time it happened, but now that it’s happened several times and goes away on its on I tend not to worry about it too much. It’s definitely something I would bring up at your next dermatology visit but as long as you’re not too worried it can probably wait until then.

thank you for your reply a lot of changes have happened since as I call it my arthritis went into remission for a few years then hit me again full force I have come to terms with it but there are days I get so angry like everyone else I keep myself busy most days and I am still working on trying to slow down a bit cause I still push myself way to much on over doing it then end up exhausted and drained for about 2 to 3 days body hurting so bad I am in agornie .and I am flat out and can barely move either I need to use the the cane or walker sometimes I get stuck in a bent over position and my daughters have to push on my lower back and pull me up slowely till I can get in a up right position it is like I try to straightening up but my body wont let me no matter how hard I try.well guess I got off track like usual see my doc next month and I am not letting it bother to much cause I have a feeling it has a connection thank you again and have a great day god bless

Funny you should bring this up, because the same thing has been happening to me lately. I wake up with fingers that are numb, and I can’t move them. It takes several minutes of trying to get them “unfroze”, but then it’s OK, and I have no problem for the rest of the day. I will tell my GP when I see her in a few weeks. She will say that she has no idea … sigh

Here's a thought. It could be joint stiffness, but it could also be tendon related, such as trigger finger, where the finger gets locked. Just thought I would throw that one out there.

I have this happen when my inflammation is out of control, especially in my hands, but occasionally in my feet. I find that applying heat (running my hands under hot water or hopping in the shower) can help get things moving faster.

I've had some pretty bad spasms and swelling before when it will seem like the joint just can't move! But after a few hours it goes away for me.