Bike riding

I went biking for the first time this season the other day. I have a road bike. . . Okay fine, I have a hybrid too, but I love my road bike. I kept it to a flat bike trail, for a few reasons. I know that bike riding is better for me than running, especially with the current condition of my hips. However, I have osteoarthritis at the base of my thumbs as well as instability, and I have some fingers that lock if I grip the handlebars too tightly. Not trigger finger, but locking swan neck deformity.

So, anybody have any tips on where to even start, in terms of possibly tricking out my bike to make it easier on my hands?

suicide knobs also called brodie knobs. auto stores don't normally have them anymore, but boat stores and the internet do. I have Two. one for each hand. Don't forget a full sized seat. jell foam of course. those padded broom sticks the try to pass off are ridiculous......

651-lens2123163_1228006568suicideknob6.jpeg (6.87 KB)

Huh. I've never seen these. So they basically would be clamped on to the handlebars, and that would be my hand hold. Interesting thought. See, wouldn't have come up with that idea at the bike store.

The padded broom stick seat is fine. My butts used to it and you just can't get enough power with the big padded seats.