Best Injection Location

We are all different, have our own preferences. But I was wondering, is there a prime injection location that really seems to be more effective than others?

Or is it completely random? Hit or miss? Try to find what works best for me.

And if you are just starting out, when do you start switching up areas?

Good question! I have always injected in the tops of my thighs and alternated every week. I bruise easily, so sometimes I have switched to the stomach. I’ve found stomach works well for syringes, but not as well for the auto injector.

When I was using the Enbrel autoinjector I did my thighs. I started having trouble with injection site reactions. I switched to the pre-filled syringes and injection in my abdomen. Super easy, and because I control the speed and can warm the syringe in my armpit, far more comfortable. No more injection site reaction either.

I had quite a detailed conversation with my Rheumy, then followed it up with some research.

According to both, biologics are best injected into fat because it will tend to provide a more consistent release of the drug into your body. I didn’t research MTX as I always took it orally.

For me, therefore, my tummy had a better reserve of pure fat cells under the skin, so in theory that works better, and that’s what I do. Also I tried my thigh once and it stung quite a bit more. It would probably depend on your body composition though - in theory I should be injecting it into my butt cheeks for best results - but practically that would just be too funny :joy: !


Well then, according to my wife I should be injecting into my fat head.

Everybody, thanks for the info. I am going to try the gut this afternoon and see what happens.


I found the autoinjector stung like a wasp when I did it on the top of my thigh. I switched to the stomach, it was much more comfortable. Then I decided I didn’t like the spring-loaded violence and I switched to prefilled syringes. Aaahhhh… a nice slow injection in the stomach, no stinging, no violent jabs. :kissing_smiling_eyes: Works for me.

I do the same as you, Stoney: I tuck the syringe into my armpit while I do the alcohol swab. Big improvement!

Phil, your wife may be onto something there. LOL


I agree with the stomach injection. Plenty of loose fat there, I think you’re supposed to do it about 2 - 3 inches out to the sides from your belly button. I use the auto-injectors so I don’t have to see the needle. Sometimes it hurts a little, sometimes not at all…and sometimes if I’m really lucky, it doesn’t even bleed.

Classic Phil :joy: Hope it went well!

I stabbethed me in mine gut. It seemethed to worketh the besterest by far, so far.

No pain and I beganeth to feeleth some reliefeth frometh the PsA.

Either that is because of this being shot number 5, 5 being the number of shots I received. 4 not being the number I received unless proceeding directly to shot number 5. And 6 being right out there, next week.

Or the change in location to a more fatty location did the job.


Verily sire, it behoveth thee well to stabbeth thyself thus. Mayst thou encounter much abatement in thy ague.



I just did my first one last week in the thigh and OUCH!!! AND I’m a nuclear medicine technologist and do IVs and needles often. What a surprise that auto injector is! I’m glad I didn’t pull the thing away as it was burning me during the injection! I think I’d like syringes better than the this rocket ship needle. I also do my weekly IgG injections thru 2 needles and don’t have problems. :roll_eyes:

I think I’m the only person who loves autoinjectors! Oh well, I always knew I was different! :roll_eyes:
But, I think the best place is in the stomach fat about 2 inches to the right or left of the navel. Anyway, my daughter’s a nurse and she said when they give these types of injections it’s always in that region. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was discussing this with a diabetic (type 1) friend of mine the other day. She reckons if you don’t have enough tummy fat, the best spot is your butt! Ok, stay with me here, because I was like, but hard to reach behind me… but when you are sitting up straight, the fatty part on the side of your butt (just above the chair) makes a pretty big target. I’m gonna try it next time!

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So, I’m writing you bcz you seem to be active in this :grin:…Has anyone ever done their injections at 2 weeks MINUS 2 days…I did my first one Tuesday night. And now I’d like to do my second one on Sunday night. Reason being? I work 2 10 hr shifts Monday and Tuesday and they KILL my body. Then …I’m off 5 days.

Hi LaMomma, Grandma_J will probably chime in here with her own story, but just saw this and thought I’d let you know that I used to move them around all the time. Mostly due to international travel. A couple of days here and there never seemed to make a difference to me. Delaying by a week or more started to hurt though… If you can get a call in to your Rheumy or Specialist nurse, or whatever you have access to, it’s always best to talk to your treating doctor before making these decisions though - I had checked with my Rheumy before I did this

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Oh thank you for that timely reply! Ok! …i’m on it! …i’m just hurting so bad and strangely enough, after my first injection, the next morning my bilat plantar fasciitis didn’t hurt much getting out of bed! Seemed too soon to do that but now, 10 days later, my neck and lower back are SOOO BAD …i’m on Torodol for the pain! Thank you so much!

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Excuse me ?

Ah, because LaMomma wrote it to you! Sorry for butting in :slight_smile:

No problem!
I did try to respond to her about delaying the injection, but it didn’t go through—my internet locked up or something!

I’ve delayed my injections a couple times. Once, for three weeks and I didn’t have a flare. Right now I’m delaying it for several days because two people in my family are really sick (my husband and a granddaughter) with something contagious…I’m hoping I don’t catch it and delaying my shot ‘might’ help??? (Not so sure how that works!) My white cell count is always low and that scares me.
I’ve also been thinking about spreading my doses farther apart…please let us know how this works for you if you do it!
The smallest dose of any med always works for me, so I’ve been wondering if less frequent injections would work. Maybe I’ll wait and ask my rheumy’s opinion at my June appointment.

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