First MTX injection - kick in the guts

Had my first MTX injection yesterday after having taken it orally for the last 3 years. My Rheumatologist suggested this change along with Prednisone for my flare up and also because my blood tests have been showing issues with my liver.

I went to my regular Doctor to be shown how to do the injection (in my stomach) and the needle didn't really hurt so no problems there but...Wow, a few minutes later it was like I'd been kicked in the guts by a horse and a few hours later like I had lead boots on. Anyone else who injects MTX have any side effects like that?

I'm hoping its a one off reaction and will speak to my Rheumy on Friday about it. On the positive side I no longer have a fear of needles, 8 years of monthly blood tests, Knee aspirations and now self-injections have cured that!!

Hello Aussie Web,

So sorry to hear of these problems, I took Mx orally for 4 months, but that was after my Rheumy gave me a shot in the arm in his office to see if I could tolerate it. So, it can be given in the arm. I am still unsure how often you are to change injection sites, but need to soon find out, but I think you need to get in touch with someone quickly about this bad reaction!

Hope someone can be of more help!

Be well!


Thanks SK, will certainly notify my Rheumy about it. I believe that you are supposed to change injection sites weekly and for self injections can move between stomach and thighs.

Hello Aussie Web,

How are you doing? Did you get over those bad effects yet? I think about you everytime I take a shot. Do you think they hit a muscle when they injected you, the reason I ask is because the nurse on the Enbrel hotline told me that you never want to give a shot in the muscle.

Be well,


Hi SK, appreciate the support. Did my first MTX injection on my own last night and thankfully didn’t have anything like the last reaction. Felt a little sore at the injection site on my stomach, which my Rheumy suggested should be about as bad as it gets. I suspect that my local Dr may have hit muscle last week and although I believe it is still absorbed, it certainly isn’t an experience I’d like to repeat.

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Glad to hear you are better, are you using an auto injector or a regular needle? My first dose of MX was a shot (a regular needle) from the Rheum and he gave it in the arm, after that I took the pills.

Well, so glad you are coming out of that!



Just a regular needle (1cc) 29 gauge. Prefilled MTX syringes are very expensive in Australia, so I get vials of MTX and fill empty syringes myself. Any less pills to take for me is a good thing, my wife thinks it’s funny that I need a pill box at 35 :wink:

Another young man...I fear my son has this even worse than I do, he is 39, his back is completely shot, but I just handed him a copy of my Rheum's report on the Spondy and urged him to read it. When I try to talk to him about it his eyes just glaze over. He at least read some of it and took it with him, I asked him to please be tested for any trace of RA.

I am sorry you have to go through all of this trash in your youth, glad to know your wife is standing by you, hang onto her, and whatever you do, don't allow that Dr to give you any more shots! You give him the next one!!!

OBTW, Just for kicks have to tell you that most of our favorite actors and actresses are Aussies!

A friend of mine asked me what was wrong with us Americans! Guess they just don't get it, huh?

Stay strong, hope the medicine makes a new man of you!