Shot number 2 of MTX making me sick and pain

Well my first shot of MTX didn't do much except make me tired, but I hadn't slept more than 7 hours in 4 days. I took my second shot this afternoon and now my stomach hurts at the site of the injection, I am sick to my stomach and my leg/hip hurts on the same side I took the shot in. I took a pain pill (tramadol) but still have pain. My back is still killing me. I am unable to sleep even though I am tired. I also have a slight rash that looks more like a couple scratches that I know I didn't scrape myself anywhere since I have just been here lying in bed most the day from being so tired. My first shot didn't hurt this much. I did use the other side of my stomach and it didn't hurt when I got the shot but just seems bruised and sore. I am still worried about tapering the prednisone again on Monday but I am just going to drop it by another 5 and be at 25mgs. I hope to get down to 10 and be able to stay there. I wish I had ideas to help my back, my skin is so sensitive I worry about using a cream like Icy hot or something on it. Any ideas accepted since I am willing to rey just about anything at this point.