Week 1 of Mtx - done

Hi guys, haven’t spoken to you all in about a week… I tolerated the Mtx fairly well, had a bout of nausea and upper abdo pains 2 days after the Mtx… Is this normal? I didn’t get any side effects for the first 24 hours but at about the 48 hr mark I started to feel unwell and quite bad upper abdo pains… I rang the rheumy to ask if I could take an anti nausea drug (stemitil) that I had at home already and she said that was ok. About half hour after taking it I was fine. Definitely not as bad as I had imagined after hearing everyone else’s side effects :slight_smile:

Hi Kellr84, great to hear your first week went fairly well. I’ve also had some nausea but am now doing injections and I’m finding it comes and goes…not to bad. Ive had some stomach upset but nothing unmanageable. Fatigue has been my biggest complaint but that can also be part of the PSA. I’m taking folic acid along with the MTX, I believe that also helps with the side effects. Are you taking folic acid?

Good. Most people tolerate it all right, although as far as SE go, the injectable has fewer than the pills. If you aren’t squeamish, you might ask your rheumie about that.
As far as folic aciid goes, most of us take 1 mg every day except on mtx day. That’s supposed to help with SEs too.

Hi TaraLynn, yes the rheumy has me taking 10mg folic acid 2 days after Mtx… I will ask her about injections if the side effects continue, thanks for the tips girls