Talked to Nurse at Enbrel Support

My question to her was if I could only use my arms for injections. Her answer was yes, but she couldn't understand how I was able to self administer and get it far enough to the side with the auto injector.

So, I have not put it in the correct area. She said I was too close to the muscle, that I never want to inject into the muscle.

Well, I guess that plan will change, no big problem. I just do not want to use my navel area.

I joined to give them info on my progress on the drug, did that for my son and grand kids. The more feed back they have the better the meds for the future.

On that call, I recommend them if you have questions.

Hmmm...I never even thought to try my arms. I injected into my leg with no problems whatsoever.

Enbrel support was great when I spoke with them. :)

I was not fond of injecting in my belly either. I injected in my leg.

Do you sit or stand to inject your legs?

Sit. There is a video online you can watch about how to inject in your leg:

Many thanks!