Bathroom safety bars at Home Depot cheap

I know a lot of you have the same problems like I have standing and bathing. I just came across this on my favorite deal site. It’s for high quality shower safety bars on clearance with free shipping. I ordered two 48" stainless bars and two 24" bars for under $30. Shipped. I hope I’m not breaking any rules by posting this, I just wanted to pass it along. With the high cost of our care any deal we can get is good.

Wow! Thanks!

Your welcome! I knew posting this would be out of the norm, but If it even helps one person I’m happy. The people here have done so much for me.

I think it’s a great idea to post sales and links to products that help make our lives a little more livable! You’ve made me think that maybe I should post my favorite things and where I got them like my heating pads, splints, etc…

Thanks, again!