Assistive Devices?

Anyone use assistive devices, particularly in the bathroom? I have a large garden tub/shower and I am always afraid gettin in and out. Furthermore, balancing on one foot to try and shave my legs is less than ideal (to say the least). The other day, my husband recommended a stool for in the tub so that I could sit down. I had an absolute meltdown. I couldn't imaging needing one of, the more I think about it, the more I realize.....maybe I do. *deep sigh* So just wondering if anyone else has gone that route, and if so, I'm open to recommendations.


This disease can effect us in such different ways. One day, I feel fine and can do everything for myself and another day I can't do the most simple things like open a bottle of water. There is no shame in asking for help or finding things to make our bad days easier.

I know ... it's hard to accept that you need help. My primary care doctor told me to stay off my arthritic feet and she suggested a scooter. I had an absolute meltdown too, and informed the doc that there would be no scooter. And that was it. And then, like you, I thought about it and I started to realize how restricted I had become. I wasn't shopping. I wasn't taking the dog for a walk, I wasn't getting out of the house enough. So I swallowed my pride and two weeks ago I got a scooter. I have to say, I love it! I HATE needing one, but I love the freedom it gives me. And I have to accept that this is where I'm at.

As far as the tub goes, there are nice, lightweight bathing stools with non-marking feet. I've looked at them, and I'll probably invest in one fairly soon.

Good luck all of this. It isn't easy -- what other see as "just a stool" is, to us, a symbol of our pain and disability.


Omg a stool in the shower is a great idea!

Yes my grandma had one too haha but I would llove to shave safely again. I bet has them online or amazon.

Any other tips?

I have a bar stool in the kitchen. Washing dishes has always bothered my back so I started using the stool and it helps a lot. I really want to hire someone to come in periodically to do the housework that I currently cannot do but hubby is being a stinker about it. He certainly isn't doing it and 'doesn't want a stranger doing it'. It kind of puts me at a loss as this is his house, not mine. This summer I plan to have people in while I am here and get some of it back in order weather he likes it or not.