Going on vacation need advice

HI All,

I will be going on vacation next month and will be doing quite a bit of walking I was just wondering if any one has any advice about what I can do to help to not totally hurt myself worse do canes or walking sticks help? I hurt all over but I have pain in both my knees and right foot where I have a partial tear in my tendon so I have a hard time keeping up with everyone some times and have to sit down alot. Any suggesstions of what I can do to not over do myself would be greatly appreicated.

A couple of months ago i went to Orlando Universal. There was no way i could have went without renting a scooter. Way to much walking, like you i have pain all over all the time. So maybe you should think about renting one it helped my vacation.Worth the money!!!

The scooter sounds like really good advice! That said, there are lots of things I do when I’m going on vacation. You may not benefit from all of them, but here goes: I always take a foam mattress topper. I purchased a twin size one that you can roll up and put in a small duffle. Helps with beds that are unforgiving to sore joints. I always take a cane, just in case, and some of those instant hot packs that stick with adhesive for aching back or neck. But the thing that I helps the most is reminding myself to take rest periods and stay out of direct sun as much as possible. While sun exposure is often recommended for PsA, the meds that many of us are on can increase the effects of sun exposure (heat rash, PMLE, sun “poisoning,” etc.) But far and away it’s the rest periods that are most important for me. I always try to push myself to keep up with my family, and then I pay for it. Hope you enjoy your vacation!

Thanks for all the suggestions. I am going to try some of them. I am like you Byrd Feeder I try to keep up with my family and end up doing too much and pay for it. I am slowly learning to realize my limitations and rest when I need to.

And don't forget to stay well-hydrated! Makes a huge difference to how well you feel.

Before I had my knees replaced, I had about a year when I "caved" and did the handicapped thing, after resisting it for a long time. Had to swallow my pride and just do it. I bought a funky-looking cane, I got a handicapped parking license, I took wheelchairs whenever they were offered, etc. Makes a HUGE difference! Just do it, you need it. You and your family will have a much much better time if you are feeling better. They'd rather be pushing a wheelchair with a happy Mom in it than dragging her around in her misery. Been there, done both.

What do you want them to remember? "Oh ya, that was the holiday when we had a blast wheeling Mom around..." or "Oh ya, that was the holiday when Mom couldn't keep up and she was grumpy all the time..." ??? LOL! Ya, obviously ....!!!!! ...