Advice on travel

We are taking a vacation t the end of August. Driving from Cincinnati to Destin area of Florida around 14 hours in car with wife, 35 month old and 19 month old. Is there anything I can do to minimize the pain that I get on long car trips? I also can feel myself getting annoyed more easily than usual wich is making life with the little ones not fun wich it really should be. It is the time of year that my job is very busy and have a ton to do but no motivation to do absolutely any of it. I am desperatly needing a break and help getting a litte happier.

Hey Redsfan,

My Chiropractor told me that I should get out of the car, stand up, stretch and walk every 30-60 miles/minutes, that it will minimize back and neck problems greatly. Also stay over night and take your time and enjoy yourselves! This applied to when I could travel better, who knows, perhaps I can again!

Wishing you a very good vacation, leave the stress behind, no fair taking any along with you!

Wishing you WELL,


OBTW I have also used a Chiropractor at the city of destination either when arriving or before returning!!

Hi REdsfan,

My family and I just recently took a trip to Perdido Key, FL. From my home that is about a 4.5 to 5hr. drive. Let me tell you, after about 2 hours, I was going NUTS!!! I just couldn't sit still anymore! My doctor had given me a script of Xanax that I had never really taken but brought just in case. Lets just say, the ride home was much better. I took 1/2 of the .50 and it was just enough to take the edge off. Good luck to you. Nothing is worse than being in pain in a car and no way to escape it. I hope your trip goes off without any hitches!

Hello Redsfan, I am jumping in here because we just returned today from a 3 week; 3000 mile driving vacation. I will tell you that we both drove; we switched drivers every 2 hours. That gave us both the chance to get out of the car; stretch a little and rest between shifts of driving. Also, I take ibuprofen while I am driving because I don't want to have my reaction hindered. I also do a series of gentle stretches at each diver change, when we got to our hotel, I would take a nice warm shower. I can understand your problem with impatience as well. I have days where that is worse than others; however, when I feel like that I tell my family that this isn't a good day for me and I apologize before we get started. Take plenty of car friendly toys for the little ones; also take their favorite snacks and make sure they rest comfortably so they will sleep more for you while traveling. If you need to, by all means, stop overnight. Stop driving by 6 pm; get dinner; shower; relax and everyone gets a good nights sleep. Pack a small bag for the overnight so you don't have to unload all the suitcases. I hope these small hints from my experience will help you. Most of all...leave work at work!! Enjoy your time away with your family!!

OBTW: On 75 southbound just below Richmond, KY we saw they had a 20 mile back up due to having one lane closed going up a mtn and all the trucks going so slow hold everyone up. We were headed north and noticed all the cars had gotten over and were in a single file for the whole 20 miles. We did not come south on 75 due to that.

With little ones - go to bed EARLY and drive as much as possible at night. What we do is go to bed at 8, get up at 1, and hit the road by 2AM. That usually buys 5-6 hours of travel with sleepy/sleeping kids, but plan for them to be awake for an hour or so - sippy cups, a light snack, and calm music playing are good. Also pack new-to-them toys and books for the kids. I usually thrift shop for car entertainment items for the kids and make them each a bag of stuff. Books, little felt boards, travel magnadoodles, i spy pillows, etc....and usually a beanie-baby sized stuffed animal so they have a "special friend" to join them on the trip.

If you can, get a good cushion to sit on. If heat helps, get a power inverter for your car and bring along a heat pad....or get hoteeze or similar pads. Stop every couple of hours to stretch. Stay hydrated (more important than it sounds)!

It may also help to find somewhere halfway to 2/3 of the way there where you can stop, get a bite to eat, and walk a little.

I suggest you driving the first leg of the trip, leaving you open to taking pain meds sufficient enough to get you through the end of the trip.

Also, having something lined up that allows you to rest while the kids get some pent-up energy out when you first get there could be a major blessing.