Want to go to my sister's which is 5 1/2 hrs away, need ideas to make the trip easier as I am in so much pain can't hardly drive that long.

If heat helps your joints, get Hoteeze or similar patches to apply where you're hurting most, and pack ice packs (or take a couple tube socks, partially fill them with rice, tie them off at the ends, and freeze them for cold packs!) for the places that may need to cool down. Keeping yourself well hydrated can help as well. Stop and stretch every hour to hour and a half, and stop for something to eat halfway to two-thirds of the way through the trip. Play music you love.

We travel to visit my in-laws several times a year, and it's an 8 hour drive on a good day and if the kids are either sleeping or cooperating. I usually drive the entire way, because for me being a passenger is more painful than being the driver. Oh - I also find that while driving, changing position a bit in my seat, bending my left leg for a while, then straightening it, also helps.

Most of my family live about 6 hours away so what I have been doing when I go visit is to make sure I take plenty of time. Hubby doesn't drive long distance so I am the primary driver on these trips. I plan the drive on a day that I do not have a specific time to be there. Since PsA never gives us the common curtesy of letting us know in advance if it is going to bother us at a particular time, I prepare for a very long trip and hope for a shorter one. I bring plenty of fluids for the trip and since I am very familiar with the route, I also know of many places to stop for a rest. I plan for and extra hour and a half(at least) per trip so that I can have plenty of time to get out of the car and stretch my legs a bit. My hands and feet are the areas that bother me the most so driving with the cruise control on is a necessity. I take breaks when I start to hurt being sure to let my hands have a break as well. Hubby does have a special job on the trip, he is the official knuckle massager when my hands get hurting.

I have to drive since I'm going alone and will try to stop for breaks, am just finding out this is why I am in so much pain, now with the helpof this site I realize I'm not alone and can ask why?