Article - Gut- mediated and HLA-B27 associated arthritis by Taha Rashid sept 12 2011

This abstract outlines what I believe I am doing, using a low starch diet to eradicate klebsiella microbes from the gut. This scientist is discussing it as an option to explore in conjunction with current treatment so maybe you can .

As I have been through all the conventional treatments during the past 20 years and have only had a short number of periods of feeling well, such as my body's initial reponse to the biological immune suppressant, Humira( adalimumab) and earlier to steroid infusions, I am happy to experiment more freely as I really believe i have experienced the best current medicine has offered.

I also believe I have experienced some of the more negative aspects - the ovarian cyst and endometriosis which led to me having a major operation in 2005, a total hysterectomy and serious cutting of endometriosis from my intestines, was I believe related to inflammatory processes in my body which were medicated with prednisolone for about 8 years.

I feel now much more carefree to experiment as I really believe that the medical establishment will never link these two things- inflammatory arthritis, and subsequent endometriosos and steroids - so -its my body,They have had my faith and trust- and it cost me very dear.

Now I am interested in their input, but am putting my faith in the latest biochemistry . Like this researcher who has come to similar place to me. And I am not on any drugs !!!!

Oh and another thought- has anyone else had a swelling at the base of their spine - I had this for years - especially the right side? well it turns out that this may be the inflammation of the entheses- where the tendons and ligaments attach to the bone ! Another of the symptoms of this family of HLA-B27 diseases of which PsA is one ! there is also something I read somewhere that one researcher described a swelling at the base of the spine as a lymph node which drains the gut. I wonder if this is because there is such an over activity when there is an overgrowth of the most gut irritating bacteria,Needless to say, this curious symptom has receded since I have faithful to my low starch diet.