Are mornings a struggle for anyone else?

I have a lot of trouble getting motivated in the am. I get up and take my meds, but it takes me about an hour before I can get motivated to get dressed. The only meds I take right now are tramadol and zipsor 4 times a day. I am guessing my meds wear off overnight and I just have to wait for them to start working in the am? I was just diagnosed in June and go for my second appt at the end of this month. Any thoughts?

Oh dear mornings! I’ve always been an early riser but it is difficult with PsA to get moving because of pain and stiffness. You say its motivation that you find a problem? Are you maybe getting a ‘hangover effect’ from your meds? Tramadol makes me very woozy and if I take it at night I find it hard to get going the next day. Same with amitriptyline its a good pain moderator but if I take it late or double the dose ( advised by GP some days) again I can’t get going. Other things can give you a lack of motivation, like depression. Make sure you bring it up at you next review… And if you don’t have to be up and at 'em well, just give yourself a break and give yourself the time your body needs to wake and get going, be gentle with youself if you can :slight_smile:

I try and make the time that I am waiting for my meds to kick in, into an enjoyable time for me. I use this mainly to do something that I can sit comfortably in my recliner chair.. I do have trouble with my hands and if they are are too bad I read or watch a DVD. I have found that a DVD is the perfect amount of time for my meds to take affect. I am currently crotcheting small Christmas gifts for friends. Making things for others, makes me feel like I have achieved something worthwhile. I can't seem to get passed feeling guilty for not doing what needs to be done even though I can't actually manage it and this strategy works for me. I hope this helps you.

That’s a great idea. I do lots of embroidery and cross stitch at night so I don’t feel guilty about sitting and watching tv. It’s just nice to know others find mornings a struggle. Once I’m dressed and going, I can keep the momentum moving through my day, it’s just the struggle to actually get moving in the am that’s hard. I find that I’m ready to get dressed about 10 am and I feel guilty about getting such a late start when I know other people have been going since 7! Luckily my husband gets the kids to school and I own my own business, so I don’t have to be there at the crack of dawn, but I’m actually enbarassed about not being a morning person. And on the days I have a flair and can’t do anything, I change out of my pj’s before he gets home so he won’t know I stayed home all day. I almost feel like an addict who hides their drugs or alcohol because I hide the fact that I struggle in the am. Is that crazy?