Anyone suffer with Multi ilnesses,what are you taking for it

PSA,Carpral tunnel syndrome,stress,and anxiety disorder. I am looking for people with the same situation

I think you will find quite a few people in the same situation as you are. The carpal tunnel syndrome May vastly improve when your disease is under good control. And Stress and Anxiety are another part of the inflammation in some cases. Those also might improve when everything is under control. Even if they don’t, you will be in a better position to manage your Stress and Anxiety with things like exercise and getting out and doing things.

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in my situation my PSA is beyond treating,and besides that my other meds may not be compatible with any other drug.pain pills do not help so i take over the counter pills.pain pills are too addictive. you see i am a 30+ year military,security,corrections,and law enforcement officer. I suffer with all I suffer with because of my service to my country,and people I served under. 30+ years of stress,death,and grief caught up with me.i hope no one has to go through the things I have went through.Thanks for your post,and reply.God bless you… Carl

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That short passage speaks volumes. Thank you for sharing because there will be others here who will have experienced similar trauma.

I have no such experiences but I do have some idea what you are speaking of, with time many of us start to wake up to what others have gone through.

Thank you for your service. I am so sorry that you are experiencing so much physical pain, after all you have endured. Why do you say your PsA is beyond treating? I joke that I am the healthiest sick person you will ever meet! Pre-existing thyroid, clinical depression, carpal tunnel surgery on both hands, two knee replacements, PsA and récurrent bouts of pneumonia. I take such a handful of pills that I can hardly hold them! My doctors have managed to find medications that can co-exist. I was diagnosed with PsA five years ago (I’m now 65) and I don’t much worry about much but enjoying my best quality of life right now. I hope you find a doctor you can trust. From what I’ve seen, pain should always be managed.

I can relate, though I have not seen the kind of action you have, my body is pretty beat up. PsA, small fiber neuropathy, OA, lots of other stuff… I was resigned to a lot of joint pain, after trying quite a few different biologics, also thinking that most of the pain was damage done, I was pleasantly surprised when I went on my latest biologic, Cimzia and it took care of a lot of the joint and muscle pain caused by PsA and Enthesitis. Enthesitis is probably one of the hardest symptoms of this disease to treat. I would not say I am 100%, after 35 years of damage, but it has helped quite a bit!
So there may still be hope for you!
Good luck, hope you find some relief.

Hi guys PSA is a nightmare as you all well know, I have suffered with I also suffer with depression and focus myoclonus, a firm of epilepsy, I have not been given any pain killers paracetamol are like tic tacs to me, however I do take a biological injection once a week which helps keep some of the side effects away but doesnt reduce the pain. What pain killers do any of you guys take? :+1:

I have:
PsA = Cosentyx, Prednisone for EMERGENCIES…it makes me really labile when taken orally.
Psoriasis: Cosentyx pretty much does it, but I do have a betamethazone Rx if needed.
fibromyalgia syndrome = Lyrica
Pain from Ankylosing Spondylitis = Bi-annual cervical and lumbar facet blocks with intermittent trigger point injections if needed.
Generalized pain r/t all above conditions: Meloxicam (RX nsaid) daily, tylenol 1gm TID, long acting opiate twice daily with smaller dose IR opiate for break-through pain (opiates are stable - dose unchanged for 5 years, though we do reduce in summer and increase in winter, on pain contract, yes… I know… addiction risk…again, STABLE DOSE with reputable pain doc who also does other interventions) plus stool softener, cause, well…
Hypertension = Lisinopril
Swelling due to enthesitis flares = HCTZ only if needed
Vitamin D (Low is common with PsA)
Anxiety = unable to find SSRI that works, can’t take benzos due to scary death warning in combo with opiates. I cope with anxiety better than pain, so here we are.
Depression (sometimes) = really this is more situational and not very long lasting. Anxiety is MUCH worse.
Raynaud’s Phenomenon = gloves! lol!
And the autoimmune where you have dry mucosa? Whichever one that is. I’ve become a terrible self-historian! Bad, Grumpy!

I used to have a lot of menstrual irregularity, pain, and heaviness, and after years of being treated like a hysterical woman (GRRRR) and numerous ineffective treatments just in case I might want to have one more kid (I didn’t), I met a lovely GYN who believed me, ran a few tests, and kindly offered me a hysterectomy to treat my rabid endometriosis. She is one of my favorite doctors. Anyway, I believe endometriosis is common in women with autoimmune, even tho the OP doesn’t appear to apply, I thought I’d mention it.

I hope I do to find relief.I suffer physically,and mentally so it is double the problem. i am getting treatment for both. My wife,and i both are physically disabled and on SSDI.I am hoping president trump will not take that way from us.i see that in the news all the time.if I lost it my wife and I would be homeless,and we have no family to help us.I worked all my life,served my country,and protected,and served i am old,and i can not afford to be homeless ever again.for the first time in my whole life I am scared of losing what i worked so hard to have,our home,car,possessions.I feel for others as well.what will we all do if our money is taken.I have to have medicines,and doctors to live,without that I will go to an early grave.I do not want to die in poverty,or homeless

Sorry for being so long in pain is managable,but not cured.I do not suffer as much as I used to,but when the weather changes the pain is severe,and then it eases when it gets to a certain temp for a while.I am just living one day at a rime.thatsd all I know how to do,God bless you.!

I feel for you and your wife. Wishing you strength, luck and the secure & peaceful future you deserve.

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