Anyone had surgery to correct spinal stenosis?

This is beyond SI joint, too low, has to be the curling tailbone from the Spinal Stenosis. Like I just mentioned, half of the time I can't remember half of the things wrong with me. Need to know if anyone has undergone this or known someone who has?

The weather has been rain, drizzle, downpour, spit... and it is killing me, will have to get out the big med tonight!!!!!!!

My DC says it just weakens the back in at least a few more places.

What say you?

Its a huge surgery, with a long recovery. If there is already nerve damage that is causing pain (and that is what causes the pain) it doesn't get better. If the stenosis is caused by a degenerative disease, it will come back. Studies have shown there is no statistical improvement from the surgery. Its becoming more common because of "spinal Centers" and lazers. What was once a day long procedure can now be cranked out pretty quickly. In short its big money (or at least it is according to my next door neighbor who is a retired neurologist who also says if the surgery was worth a damn, he'd have it because he had always planned on spending his retirement on the Golg course)

I know several who have had it, but I don't know any who would have it again several years later. Heres an intreresting study:

It doesn't differ much from studies of the old procedures. Those getting the surgery have the same results as those not.

The best way I can put it is you see a DC, Have you ever had an adjustment or several that didn't quite do the trick, and had to go back for another? Spinal surgery really is nothing more than an "adjustment" if they don't get it right the first time, you are screwed, because its permannet......

I do come across a lot of folks that have had the bigger surgery (My wife runs a quilt shop so I entertain the husbands when I'm hanging out there) there aren't many who pleased nor have had just one surgery. My neighbor whhen he sold his share of the practice told me there was a new young guy coming in and a new practice opening. He suspected there would be a marked increase in spinal surgeries as there was barely enough work to keep the existing practice in town going. Tweo years later they built a multi million dollar surgicenter and were question (strongly) by the AMA as to why our region lead the naation in population share getting spinal surgery. Surgeons have a surgical solution.

I'm not syaing there isn't a place for surgery, but it is a limited place resulting from impingement that cause some kind of paralysis. Pain is NOT a good reason. The recommendation should come from the rest of your team and be pretty darn obvious. For me I'd have the nerves cut before I went to surgery.....

Thank you for your wisdom, lamb.

I just had to have a damned good cry over that, I wanted and needed to hear it again, but it is so hard to give up hope of a 'magic bullet' fix, and surely that is what these new nearly drive by clinics are selling. I needed to know if someone had actually been truly helped by this proceedure.

I never considered having the nerves cut, I would do that before I had them burnt out at Pain Management, that refusal ended my friendship with them, when I refused to go where those shots were taking me, (and that is the entire aim was something like a $30k proceedure, years ago, and you had to go back yearly and you had to be AWAKE!!!!!) then they were indignant. Oh they said they would give me a local and I'd never feel it, I told them they couldn't even manage to get me numb for the steriod injections!!!! I'm telling you it was nearly hand to hand combat at that point!!! Told me I had insulted them I said that was small compared to the 'pain they managed to cause me'!! I went through 5 of them! I was in commission sales for years and had to work with some very 'slimy' people who were deceptive beyond belief, but nothing compared to the way I was 'worked' there! And it was like an express lane, the way everyone was rushed through.

I would go back to Hopkins or Univ of MD for nerves to be cut, when it comes to that, and perhaps the time has come. Now I need to know what I will be up against for that especially since I just started the Enbrel. I'll tell you though, they are going to have to put me under for that, I don't even want to hear the word local unless they are talking about the City!!

Oh yes I know what it feels like when it is 'out' and the pressure is just beyond words, this incessant rain has me ready to tear my hair out. The hair I have left, that is! Sometimes I can twist myself, and get it to move, sometimes the DC can, but to have it fused that way is not an option to me.

I will have to do 'something' as I will not be able to tolerate much progression, and could never do the 'unthinkable' and put that on my family, especially my grand kids, but you do think about it, anyone is intractable chronic pain does, let me tell you that I have 'chosen the bridge' long ago!!!

Well cutting the nerves would be a surgery, correct?

Thanks a thousand, lamb. No insult to the rest of you bright, and helpful people, but to me, you are always the 'smartest guy in the room'! There are many very close behing you though! LOL

Also thank you and Aussie for the help talking to Alleycat, I was afraid for her, and I felt very inadequate!


PS Any other thoughts or info would be appreciated!

This pain is not always to such a high pitch, but pressure builds and the pain becomes unbearable, uncontrolable, but it is not the only back pain I deal with, and we are just talking lower back here.

Thank you for the gift and warm welcome SK! :slight_smile: