SI joint belt

Anyone ever used a SI joint belt? I had asked my DC if a back brace would help me, but he said it would not go down far enough to help and recommended a SI joint, if anything, said he could order me one of the better ones. Not sure if I want to be in such a thing! Anyone help me out here?



No experience here, but it may be in my future. I have partially fused SI joints and they're causing me great amounts of pain. I'd love info too!!!

Belt does help but I believe physio and ongoing mobilty and strengthening exercises are essentional to get long term relief and management They have helped me a lot but if I stop the exercises the pain returns quickly.

Thanks much Allan!

Wellllll, I tried a back brace on the advice of a doctor (one purchased from Walmart, but still not cheap) and I thought I'd die after spending some time in it. If anything, the pain was amplified horribly. Bear in mind, SK, that maybe what I'm suffering from isn't the same as what you're suffering from. But maybe you could try the Walmart back brace first and see if it helps, because they are returnable. And then if you seem to get benefit from it, you could order the SI belt.

I wore a back brace with steel rods for years, but it was a prescription from a DC, I wore it out, not sure if it would do me any good now, feel like I really need something to work on the curling tailbone where the stenosis is, but other than what Rich recommended, don't think there is a thing.

If you get one, go to a chiropractor, or just call one, they know which ones will actually help you! Even if you don't go to one, they will help you choose one!


Oh, SK, curling tailbone sounds just awful. It's a bad enough place to experience pain, but then add on the curling and I'm thinking "excruciating pain" at that point. I'm sorry your back brace isn't gonna do it any more. I'm just getting jelly-like quivers in my stomach even thinking of spinal stenosis. My heart goes out to you!

Oh I know, Pet, you should see the look you get from a new Doc when you day that word! You know that you are just SCREWED!!!

Physical therapist said the S word to me Monday. I ignored him; I simply will not have stenosis!! (I hope!)

In answer to your question about the SI belt, yes I have a prescription one that was fitted for me. It hangs in my closet beside my jeans. Every now and then I get it out and shake the dust off it and hang it back in there. Couldn't stand the darn thing. It hurt my lower back, didn't help the SI and was just plain uncomfortable. BUT, some people do get benefit from them. I went through a tail-bone flare that lasted for about two years. Then one day, miraculously, it went away and I've never heard from it since.

And I hope you never hear from it again, Byrd! thanks for the info!

Sorry I didn't have better news about the SI belt, but for me, it had no redeeming qualities. But, SK, I would try it if I thought it might help. Heck, I'd try black magic if I thought it might help!! Just because it didn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for you. (Please, never let one of my English students see that last sentence! lol)

I hope your tail bone pain goes away, too, SK. I surely know how awful it is. I remember being so discouraged when I was going through it. Doc finally got me to try the gel cushion like they use in wheelchairs. (I still have the cushion, incidentally, and still use it because it helps my hips when I sit--a bonus is a good thing!) It did ease symptoms enough that I could sit without awful pain--although it didn't stop the pain altogether. It is a simplistic tool, but it did help some--ANY relief was welcome. I hate that you are dealing with this and hope you find some relief soon!

Thanks Byrd,

I don't like the fact that you are in agony either, what a way to make friends, huh? It's gonna be another Opana night! (Please never let my girlfriends who are English teachers, or drug counselors see that one either! Ha!) See if I can find you more on that sock exercise, and no it is not a strip tease! LOL!! I have to keep you laughing!


If you google 'plantar fascia excercises' you will find all kinds including someone recommended for me for bone spurs of he ball of foot also good for you that involves rolling a tennis ball, can of vegetables, or a rolling pin under your foot. You can also order special orthothic insoles, sleep socks that help prevent the hours of pain in the AM.

Surely hope this helps you!


Ya, I regularly do range of motion exercises for my feet that include the rolling cans or balls under the feet. I don't think I could tolerate it right now, but I will try. And, I already wear orthotics. I'll look on the FMS page and see if I can find what you are talking about. Thanks for the tip!