Any pros to starting prednisone with remicades?

I am currently taking Remicade infusions every 8 weeks and I am still having symptoms of joint pain and psoriasis, so my rheumatologist mentioned adding prednisone. Before remicade I was on enbrel but I had to switch because it wasn't helping like it was when I first started. I am also currently taking NSAIDS for pain. I am just needing some input on the effectiveness of combining remicade with other meds like prednisone or methotrexate?

Hi Amber,

I've been on Mtx 17 yrs , except for the bout with fatty liver last year ( off of it for 4 months).

So i have always taken it with a biologic. It will take 2-3 months for mtx to kick in, and they might put you on prednisone till things are controlled.

I didn't have good luck with Enbrel clearing up my pustular psoriasis..Remicade helped but it took awhile. I get it every 6 weeks,up to 900mg now. I do flare sometimes between Remicade doses, each person differant with the prednisone usage.( long story with mine) I take 6 Mtx pills, your labwork will have to be monitored from Mtx. Your doctor will work out the dose of prednisone, hopefully everything will start working, and you can get in a controlled remission with meds

take care


I’m thinking that it may be a good plan to try the prednisone thank you for the input. Is your liver doing better? Ive only had 2 infusions but I’m pretty sure my rheum will have to push up my dose or my frequency. I’m looking forward to remission.
Thank you!