Any of you lovely ladies?

Any of you have psoarisis under your breasts? What do you do for it and how do you manage to wear a bra???

I have inverse P under my breasts. Most of the time it is not flaring and not a problem. When it is flaring it feels like a burn and I dust it with cornstarch because if it gets sweaty it really hurts. I usually go braless the or wear the "Genie Bra".

Cornstarch out of the box from the store or do you brown it in the oven?

hi, yes I too get it under my breasts. I treat it with Dovobet ointment so it has a seroid in it, I find that one application will calm it within 24 hours and is usually gone in about 2-3 days.........its the only place my P will disappear quickly :)

Cornstarch out of the box. I have never heard of browning it.